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Competent car body repair

An accident happens quickly. When you cant use your bus by dammages, it is very important that this time will be limited to a minimum.

Therefore AB-BC.nl has an own workshop for car body repair and seeral cooperations with collegue workshops to have extra capacity. That's why AB-BC.nl can garantee expertise and quick repairs.

So the malfunction of your buses will limited and your transport capacity will be back to normal in a short time. Our expert can inform you about every detail.

First new bus in Austria
(photo above)

Busreisen Hafner in St. Willibald (Austria) got recently a new Bleucoach for 27+1 persons.

This bus has a clean Euro-5 EVV engine and all the luxuries as air conditioning, standheather, thermo pane glass en luxury sleeping seats.

schadeherstel  autobus

AB-BC.nl wishes Mr. Johann Hafner a lot of safety kilometers.


Heser Bus buys the second Optare Solo

Recently AB-BC delivered the second Optare Solo bus to Heser Bus in Armensteinach (Germany). Owner Peter Heser bought last year already an Optare Solo from AB-BC. 

Heser was so satisfied, that he decided to buy a second Optare Solo. The difference in fuel-use with other buses is that big, that Heser doesn’t understand, that not every bus company has one or more Optare-buses.

Every week Peter Heser saves about 750 euro on fuel. He is that glad, that he is trying an Optare Tempo 12 meter at the moment.

  Realisatie: Teun.pro