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Mobility is an important element in our society especially in relation to the economy. Man is travelling more, more often, farther and wants more comfort and safety.

In that setting it seems normal to conclude, that  passenger transport companies have very good perspectives. Presupposition is that they satisfy the expectations of their clients. Continually innovation in comfort and safety is of course a must.

continuous innovation in safety and comfort is necessary. Besides it's a fact, that public transport is an eco-friendly alternative and social well accepted. So there is a really good possibility to have an answer for this consumer demand.

AB-BC.nl has the answer for your company als a dealer/importer from top brands as OPTARE, CARBUS, BEULAS and ROSERO.  On this website we like to show you the possibilities. Welcome to AB-BC.nl


All-round workshop

AB-BC.nl is not only selling
buses and touringcars, but also takes care of maintenance. Therefore AB-BC.nl gets an own well equipped workshop
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Competent car body repair

AB-BC.nl is a complete company. It's not only selling, but also
have an own workshop and car body repair workshop with a lot of competent possibilities.
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A lot of occasions

AB-BC.nl offers you a really good choice of occasion in buses. Midibuses till nice touring cars. You are welcome to look at our collection.
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Recently delivered

To an extensive clientele AB-BC.nl delivers buses in several categories. We show you an impression of these clientele
and there buses.

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Contact AB-BC.nl

Please feel free to contact us when you haveany further question, please mail us. We do our utmost to inform you as soon as possible.
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