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Four buses for a Dutch customer
For our Dutch customer Van Driel groep BV Headquarters in Oss (NL) we searched and found four very nice Setra 416 LE Business in Sweden. Sunday evening they arrived and the next days we will make them ready for Dutch public transport.

Young van sold
E-cruiser from Tholen sells electric motors. In order to deliver these, this company needs a large van. Of course you will end up at AB-BC, where beautiful young used vans with warranty are for sale.
Bus to Macedonia
Metak Trans from northern Macedonia is no stranger to AB-BC. For many years Stanco regularly comes by to buy a bus. Now something special: the former bus of football club ADO from The Hague. A real picture!
AB-BC therefore also sells goods buses
Sarshar from Arnhem sells, among other things, mouth caps, which are now in great demand. That is why Ahmed was looking for a big bus. He found a nice bus at AB-BC and because Ahmed already sold his own bus, Tony, our driver, brought this bus to Arnhem.
Zezocars also buys from AB-BC
Zezocars from de Meern(NL), is a young company founded by Mohamed Toudmani, a Syrian refugee who is super integrated in the Netherlands. Mohamed buys used cars and sells them to Syria. For this purpose Mohamed needs a drive-on car and nowadays AB-BC also sells these cars.
Iveco to Slovakia
Autobusová Doprava Hanko s.r.o. from Slovakia is picking up its latest acquisition today. A beautiful Iveco Axer. In his second life, this bus will transport factory workers from Volkswagen in Slovakia.

Scania i4 as a mobile showroom
Bronx Shoes from Waalwijk is a wholesaler of shoes. Normally Bronx goes to all fairs in Europe to show her new collection, but because of the Covid-19 virus there are no fairs this year. Then the idea comes up to buy a bus and convert it into a mobile showroom and use it to visit all the retailers to show their new collection. And so Jeroen Vrijhoeven came to AB-BC in June to implement this idea. Bronx bought a beautiful Scania i4 and it is now ready to show the new collection. A great initiative and result.

Three buses for PAI Trans from Poland
PAI Trans from Poland drives employees for Amazon in that country up and down to the warehouses. For this work they need buses. Pawel came to AB-BC for a double-decker, but left with a double-decker and two beautiful Scania A30s.
Double decker for Spanish musician
Xavier Dolo, a musician from Spain, wants to tour Europe on a bus with his family. After a long search he found a nice cheap double-decker at AB-BC. One problem: Xavier doesn't have a bus driving licence yet. As if we could take him to Girona. No problem for our driver Tony! He got on the bus on Sunday and delivered the bus on Tuesday morning. Xavier was very happy with his new acquisition.
Three times Mercedes Integro to Romania
Excellent Tours from Romania picks up its latest acquisition here: three Mercedesses Integro.
From bus to motorhome
Thomas Bornemann from Germany has a dream: to convert a bus into a motorhome. He went to many places, but was often disappointed with the state, where in the offered buses were offered. Until he came to AB-BC. The offered bus was exactly as described. So Thomas went home with the car and came back with a Flixbus to pick up his new project.
Temsa Opalin to Portugal
Transportes SRL from Portugal, has picked a nice Temsa Opalin at AB-BC. Although the delivery only took place at 20:30, it was still very hot. Luckily the Temsa has a powerful airco.
BOVA Euro 5 to Greece
Here a beautiful Bova Euro 5 ready for departure to Greece. The airco works well and that is necessary with 38 degrees in the shade.
Result of the conversion of a double decker
Nice to see the end result and nice to rent. Last year AB-BC sold an old double-decker to Accousanimatie from Belgium. The idea was to build a mobile playground in a double-decker. See the result here! Nice to rent. For more info: https://www.accousanimatie.be/
Beautiful bakwagen for Raisana Tobacco in Belgium
Raisana Tobacco from Mouscron was at his supplier in Hoogerheide, when he saw a nice truck for sale at AB-BC. The deal was quickly closed. Especially when Anton told that he will take care of all documents for import to Belgium. So said so
Iveco for florist
Most of the vehicles AB-BC sells leave for all corners of the world. So it is nice that Hanneke, our local florist, buys a delivery van. This Iveco, sold and delivered by Gerda, we will see often.
Iveco Indcar for Taxi Jelle
Taxi Jelle exchanges his faithful Neoplan for a modern clean Iveco indcar. Jelle was looking for renewal of his old city bus and found it at AB-BC. A young euro-6 Iveco Indcar with all the luxury and 28 seats he needs. Taxi Jelle is ready for the future.
Six busses to Romenia
Transogar from Romania has more then 100 busses in operation. For a client they need 6 extra busses not older then 2010. Where can you find them they asked themselves ? At AB-BC BV in the Netherlands of course. They where very happy with the busses and are now driving back 1.800 km to theire home office

Double decker for transport pop groups
Dariusz Styczen of CREATIVE MUSIC from Poland transports pop groups all over Europe. For this he uses luxury double-deckers, which are completely converted into luxurious motorhomes. Due to the Covid-19 virus, all concerts for 2020 have been postponed to 2021, so next year Dariusz will be short of a bus to ride all tours. So he went looking for a Euro-5 VAN HOOL double-decker and then of course you end up at AB-BC. In 6 months the bus will be ready and Dariusz has promised to send pictures of the end result. We are curious about the result.

Two Van Hool buses for the Ministry of Defence
It does you good as a supplier if the customer is very happy when you come to deliver his new buses. Yesterday we were at the Lieutenant-General Bestkazerne in Nederpeel to deliver two used VAN HOOL articulated buses. We were met by a platoon of soldiers and there was even a photographer present. Hence this beautiful picture. AB-BC regularly delivers buses to the Ministry of Defense and also knows the demands and wishes of Defense.

Bronx Fashion is coming to you this summer
Bronx Fashion is a wholesaler of shoes. This summer there will be no trade fairs because of the COVID-19 virus. As a solution, Bronx Fashion will now take a converted bus to its customers to present the autumn collection. And of course this bus comes from AB-BC.
Mercedes Sprinter 616 for Eurotrans in Poland
The owner of Eurotrans from Poland sent his two sons to AB-BC to pick up the latest addition to their company: a Mercedes Sprinter 616. Gerda picked up the two brothers from the airport and delivered the bus.

Bus to Greece
Nordeto from Greece needed a bus for city in Greece. Normally they sell trucks and they looked on the internet, where they can buy busses. The reason they decided to come to AB-BC is the high quality rates the website www.mobile.de gives to AB-BC. It's nice to see that customers select traders by the ratings they see on www.mobile.de

Bus for Biluxtrans in Moldavia
It looks that we survived the corona crisis at AB-BC. Last week we sold 10 busses and the bus for Biluxtrans from Moldavia was the most expensive one. We can't wait to deliver the other nine from last week

Bovabus to Greece
Plakias Omnibus from Greece picks up a very nice 12 meter Bova bus it was important the year of build was 2005 or younger. Ofcourse AB-BC BV arranged all the documents when he left he asked if we have more 12 meter Bova busses, if you read this and you have one, please contact us. 

Bus as toilet block
Camper place the Rucphense Meadow was looking for a special toilet block. A bus was the idea. AB-BC had an old MAN city bus in a beautiful forest green color. The deal was quickly closed and we are curious to see the end result. You too ?
New bus for Fillertrans
During the pandemic of Corona we delivered an bus to Fillertrans from Hungary at the airport of Eindhoven. A few weeks later they called back and asked if we have another Sprinter, we searched and found a very nice one and delivered the bus again at the Airport today. Not because we couldn’t do it at our company but it was a desire of Fillertrans. If you need a bus and you can't find it at our stock let us know we always find your new bus
Young Iveco Daily for R&C Courier Services
R&C Courier Services from Roden got in the car at 05.30 this morning to buy a nice young Iveco Daily van from AB-BC in Brabant. A lot of conviction was not necessary, because the van looked like new. An hour later the papers had been arranged and the journey with the new purchase went back to Groningen.
Bus as workshop / motorhome
Autoschade de Haan from Harkema (Friesland) has together with his 2 sons and a few friends a crossteam and for this hobby they were looking for a high touringcar. Today it's time and they come to pick up the bus. Soon we will get pictures of the bus, which has been converted into a mobile workshop/camper. We are curious.

Iveco Daily van for Vos Garden and Park machines
Pieter Kruijthoff of Vos Tuin- en Parkmachines from Klaaswaal called this week, if he could come and see an Iveco Daily van in the evening. "Of course", was our answer and after an inspection of Pieter's maintenance partner, he immediately took the van with him. This bus was exactly as we described it and that's how we like to hear it. Thank you Pieter.

First Iveco order
Bert van Dooyeweerd, van Runnerz has the scoop. The first delivered Iveco Daily van from AB-BC BV with thanks to ED CARS from de Lier who mediated. Take a look at our website because there are more very nice young used vans on our website nowadays.

Iveco Cimo to Poland
Yesterday Michal from EL Trans Polland called Anton. "We are 80 km from you. Is your office open?" Of course we are open! Three houres later Michal drove away with his new Iveco Cimo to Poland.

Beautiful Iveco to Romania
Eurolines from Romania did not hesitate for a moment when he saw this beautiful Iveco appear on the internet. At the time this bus was newly delivered by AB-BC to a German customer. Four years later he exchanged it for a new one at AB-BC. After that the bus left for Friesland. Now Anton delivers the bus for the third time and the bus leaves for Romania. We are curious, if we can offer the bus again in the future.

Two nice buses for MG Tours
Marco Mahieu of MG TOURS bought two beautiful buses from AB-BC early this year. A beautiful 14-meter MAN and a Van Hool double-decker. The plan was to drive the busses from the beginning of April, but because of the Corona crisis this didn't happen. Still Marco wanted to deliver his busses. On the picture you see Marco together with his mother receiving the busses from Elly. We hope to meet Marco and his team soon on the road with these beautiful buses.

Sprinter for Fillertrans Hungary
Fillertrans from Hungary took a flight from Budapest to Eindhoven to pick up there Sprinter. Because of corona we decided to bring the bus to the airport, so the two drivers could drive directly back home. We are very happy to deliver again a bus during these hard times. we hope this is the start to normal and we can deliver more busses to our customers.
Rosero First with 210 hp engine
Bus company Doornbos visited AB-BC at the last edition of Busworld in Brussels. There the idea was born to buy a new Rosero First. Today the result! A beautiful champagne-coloured Rosero will be handed over to Adrie and his team. This is the first Rosero, which AB-BC delivers with the new powerful 210 HP engine.
Scania Jonckheere with automatic
Sandra Vermeulen of SV travel is a loyal customer of AB-BC. She was looking for a coach with an automatic gearbox in a somewhat cheaper price range. Of course we also have that at AB-BC. Elly delivers here a beautiful Scania Jonckheere with automatic gearbox.
Clean natural gas bus to Belgium
Sint Lievens Houtem wanted an environmentally friendly school bus. AB-BC delivers clean natural gas buses, so the choice was quickly made. Today the time has come. A 28-seater CNG school bus with air conditioning and a comfortable automatic gearbox. The driver was very pleased with this beautiful vehicle. This is the third CNG school bus that AB-BC delivers in Belgium and if it's up to the energy supplier Fluvius, it's certainly not the last one.
Mercedes Sprinter to Belgium
Andy van Humbeeck always checks on Facebook which AB-BC buses are in stock. He saw a new Mercedes Sprinter passing by and reacted immediately. A week later AB-BC had the bus inspected in Belgium and Andy came to get it. "I will definitely come back", said Andy, "excellent service and a company that keeps its word. I like that."
Mercedes Integro for Romanian driving school
Dumitru Danescu of Copilot from Romania was looking for a bus for his driving school. He saw a nice Mercedes Integro at AB-BC, got in his car right away and came to Hoogerheide. A day later the bus was ready for departure.
Beautiful VAN HOOL TD927 Double Decker to Estonia
Ou Viru Reisid from Estonia picks up the new acquisition here. A beautiful VAN HOOL TD927 double decker. Last night they came to see and test drive and today they are driving back to Estonia.
Second bus for Robert Jarolawski
As promised! Here's Robert again. Early this week he picked up his Scania and today his VDL Magiq.
Van Hool for Flucher in Slovenia
Joze Flucher from Slovenia is a real VAN HOOL lover. When AB-BC put a VIP Van Hool on the site, it didn't take long before Joze contacted AB-BC. A week later he was in Hoogerheide to pick up this beautiful VIP bus.
Two buses for Jaroslawski
Robert Jaroslawski picks up his Scania i4 here. At the pickup Robert bought another VDL Magiq. So next week you will see Robert on the photo again.
Mercedes Sprinter for Taxi Jobe
Johan Belleter of Taxi Jobe gets here from Elly his latest acquisition: a Mercedes Benz Sprinter with Euro-5 engine. Johan is a welcome customer of AB-BC and not only buys his buses in Hoogerheide, but also has his vehicles serviced in the AB-BC service workshop. Thank you Johan for your trust
Beautiful Midi-bus to Ukraine
Mykola Dmytruk from the Ukraine saw a nice midibus at AB-BC. He called Anton and bought the vehicle immediately. Today Gerda delivered the bus.
Opel Movano 8+1 for Party Room Hazebroeck
Laurant Hazebroeck regularly looks at our deliveries. A valued loyal customer. Today he picks up a small van, an Opel Movano 8+1. He is going to use it for his newly opened party room in Belgium.

Van Hool TD927 for Ringelberg Reizen
This beautiful van Hool TD927 goes from one loyal customer to another. Ringelberg Tours from Ridderkerk has been buying new and used buses from AB-BC for more than a decade. How nice it is then, that Anton buys a bus from Ringelberg and sells it again to Alldrive in Genk Belgium, who is also a relation and has already bought many buses from AB-BC. Nice detail is, that Bernard has already bought several buses from Anton, which come from Ringelberg. 

Long-standing relationship
Snelle Vliet and AB-BC have had a close relationship for years. The result can be seen on this picture. Three beautiful luxury Iveco Rosero's with clean Euro-6 engines.
JedziBusem acts fast
JezdiBusem from the Czech Republic was literally sitting in front of his computer when Elly placed the Temsa MD9 on mobile.de. She did not hesitate and came directly to the Netherlands to pick up this beautiful bus.
Fai Reizen fetches VDL Bova
Peter Aschmann and his wife from FAI Reisen get their last purchase on a VDL BOVA here.
Iveco Cimo to Poland
Cieslik Trans from Poland picks up a beautiful Iveco Cimo here with only 88,000 km. A great opportunity if you can buy such a bus.
Two buses to Hungary
Fillertrans from Hungary has already bought several buses from AB-BC. This week they bought two beautiful Sprinters. On Tuesday Anton delivered the first one and on Thursday, the AB-BC ladies took the honors.
Nice bus to Wallonia
Laurant Ovraz has been a customer of AB-BC for years. This time his wife Sandra buys a bus from us. Sandra has her own bus company in Wallonia and had a lot of bad luck, because her Bova burned it down during a wintersportstrip. Fortunately AB-BC has a vehicle that suits her.
Energi from Greece buys Scania Touring
Energi from Greece sent his Greek friend living in the Netherlands to AB-BC to look at a bus he was interested in. Elly helped this friend with full dedication and see the result here: the delivery of a beautiful Scania Touring.
Scania Touring Euro-6 for Tholtax
Tholtax Tours has been a highly valued client of AB-BC for years. Today Fred picks up his newest acquisition. A Scania Touring Euro-6, so that Tholtax Tours is ready for the future. Thanks again Fred
Third Scania to Gandala in Romania
Valentin of SC Gandala from Romania called Anton on Monday: "The Scania you have for sale, I want it." Valentin had already bought two Scania's of the same series and was looking for a third one. Valentin got on a plane with his friend and came to the Netherlands. Elly delivered the bus excellently again.
Scania Touring Euro-6 to Poland
Akces Osrodek from Poland came very targeted to AB-BC. He wanted a Scania Touring euro 6 and nothing else. The deal was so sounded and today he picks up his newest acquisition, which Elly delivered with pleasure.
Mercedes Benz Sprinter to Macedonia
On Saturday morning Bekjiri from Northern Macedonia and his two brothers are at AB-BC's doorstep to buy a beautiful Mercedes Benz Sprinter. You don't leave a car like that. Anton quickly prepared the documents and within the hour they were on their way home with their new acquisition.
Van HOOL Lift bus to Kazakhstan
Petras from Lithuania is no stranger to AB-BC. He regularly drops by to buy a bus for himself or one of his friends from Kazakhstan. Today he picks up a bus for an acquaintance from him in his country. It is a used VAN HOOL Liftbus. Petras, see you soon again.
Iveco wing for Dibiasibus in Italy
Dibiasibus S.A.S. from Italy has 20 Iveco's Wing and they needed another one. Where could they go? At AB-BC of course!
Iveco Eurorider euro 5 to Greece
Bill and his father-in-law of AFOI KTENA KAI SIA EE TRAVEL AGENCY from Greece are very pleased with their Iveco Eurorider Euro 5. Gerda delivers the bus here and promised that she will visit them in Greece this year.
Iveco Rosero to Greece
Psomiadis Panagiotis from Greece, picks up his newest acquisition here: an Iveco Rosero.
Scania Touring to Greece
Souliotis Efthymios from Greece is very happy with his new bus, a Scania Touring with a clean euro 6 engine. Especially when he saw the two German shepherds from AB-BC. Souliotis also has a German Shepherd and can't resist to give Fausto and Finja a big hug when they say goodbye.
Scania Iriza for Dani Bus in Italy
Dani Bus from Italy is very happy with his newest acquisition: a Scania Irizar. Dani was so happy, that he will come back this year for a Minibus.
Scania Touring for Muys Reizen
This year AB-BC BV exists 10 years and for 10 years Wim Muys van Muys Reizen customer with Anton. Today Wim picks up his latest purchase. A beautiful Scania Touring. Wim, thanks again for the trust
Van Hool double-decker to Serbia
Isn't it a nice (Christmas) picture? A nice Van Hool Double Decker leaving for Serbia. On to 2020 and many new buses.
Van Hool Altano to Moldova
Dandeltrans from Moldova picks up his beautiful VAN HOOL Altano here. This Euro-5 bus is equipped with all luxury and is in a beautiful condition. The right choice!
Norwegian Scania to Bulgaria
Elly delivers a Scania to Bolgar Auto. This Scania is originally from Norway and will get a second life in Bulgaria.
Setra S431DT double-decker to Czech Republic
Bavitur from the Czech Republic picks up a beautiful Setra S431DT double-decker at AB-BC. The deal was quickly concluded, because then I could not do otherwise. This is a beautiful example
Scania bus to Ukraine
Scania Ukraine was looking for a bus for a Ukrainian customer. Then of course you will find AB-BC BV in the Netherlands. They were looking for and found an excellent Scania bus and AB-BC took care of all the necessary export documents.
Beautiful Van Hool for Baranov
Vallerii Baranov picks up his third Van Hool here at AB-BC. Vallerri and Anton met each other at Busworld 2019 in October and since then Vallerri has quickly grown into a very loyal customer. Today at the farewell he gave Anton another assignment. He is still looking for a VAN HOOL 915 euro 5. So if you have this one, call us!
Iveco for Filler in Hungary
And another bus for Filler Trans from Hungary. Now an Iveco with 30 places and the last purchase is not yet in sight.
New double-decker for Croonen Travel
Jan Croonen of Croonen Travel will retire next year, but before he leaves the company to his son, Jan first buys him a new Double Decker. Today is the day. Jan picks up the VDL Synergie at AB-BC.
Beautiful Mercedes Benz Tourismo to Kosovo
The Saraci brothers from Kosovo pick up their beautiful Mercedes Benz Tourismo here. Sjef has been living in Belgium for years and works at the line. Together with his brother he owns a touringcar company in Kosovo. For the expansion of their company they bought this Tourismo
Bus for driving school in Romania
Rodana Trans from Romania has a driving school and was looking for a bus for the driving school. He found it at AB-BC in Hoogerheide. Nicolea was together with his 80-year-old father, who had never been to the Netherlands before and a colleague.
VDL Jonckheere to Hungary
Bus number 3 for JLF KFT from Hungary. After two Iveco's Vlada now picks up a VDL Jonckheere at AB-BC. The mutual trust is already so great that JLF KFT buys the buses unseen and relies on our expertise.
DL Bova Magiq to Hungary
Filler Trans from Hungary has already bought a bus from AB-BC twice this year. Now a VDL BOVA Magiq. This was the very first Euro-3 and was still at Busworld.
Midi-bus to Ukraine
Serhii Podra from the Ukraine was looking for a midibus Euro-5. He found it at AB-BC. Serhii took this beautiful Iveco Sunset right away.
From Hool T915 to Ukraine
Valerii Baranov from the Ukraine bought a beautiful VAN HOOL T915 at AB-BC in October. Today he was back. This time for two VAN HOOL Astron's. He took the first one with him immediately and he will pick up the second one in three weeks time.
Otokar to Greece
Dimitrios Moutsios from Greece picks up his Otokar here. A beautiful Navigio with automatic gearbox.
Two buses for Breuer Reisen in Germany
Breuer Reisen from Düren picks up bus numbers 4 and 5 here, which they have already bought from AB-BC this year. And if it's up to Marc, they will definitely come back this year for more buses.
Orders from the stock exchange Busworld 2019
Busworld 2019 was again very successful for AB-BC. Many new contacts, old contacts renewed and a few nice orders. The first one is that of Vallerii, who visited the AB-BC stand at the fair and was looking for a used bus. Two days after the fair he came to pick up the bus: a beautiful VAN HOOL T915
Ford Transit with lift to Greece
Today Georgios Andreou picks up his beautiful Ford Transit with lift at AB-BC and drives it to Greece.
Bova Maqic for prospective trader
Robert Jaroslawski from Poland has worked in the Netherlands for many years and speaks Dutch very well. Robert wants to become a busdealer and to cooperate a lot with AB-BC. Today is the start. Robert has bought a Bova Magiq from AB-BC. We will hear a lot more from Robert.
Van Hool for Bustravel from Poland
Bus-Travel SP. ZOO from Poland has Ukrainian roots. They came to pick up the Van HOOL double-decker when Busworld was busy. Gerda and Elly took care of this delivery.
Serbian company wants more buses from AB-BC
Father and Son Minic of Compani from Serbia have 100 buses. Marco told Elly, that this is exactly the bus they need and that they want 5 more buses. Anton is already searching.
MAN Intercity bus for Aveuro
AVEURO is the supplier of very competitively priced new Mercedes Sprinter to AB-BC and has also a large bus company in Romania. For this department AVEURO buys frequently used coaches and buses at AB-BC. Now a used MAN intercity bus. See you next week at BUSWORLD, where AB-BC and AVEURO have a large stand, where they will present seven new Mercedes Sprinters.
Delivery of two double-deckers
Oktopod called last week for two beautiful VAN HOOL double-deckers. On Monday they came to see the buses and AB-BC needed a few days to arrange all the necessary documents. Today the time has come and they picked up these beauties.
VDL BOVA FLD to Ukraine
Ruslan Solomka from the Ukraine will pick up his VDL BOVA FLD here. Ruslan came with his son to look at buses and liked the Bova so much, that it went with it to the Ukraine.
Iveco Daily to Hungary
Goran of JLF KFT from Hungary picks up his newest addition, an Iveco Daily. This bus will do its work for a school in Hungary.
A bus for Grund in Denmark again
Knud Frederiksen of Grund Turistbusser from Denmark is already a customer, who comes back to AB-BC, after he had already bought a bus before. Now a beautiful Mercedes Benz Sprinter with a thick 6-cylinder Euro-5 diesel. Nice that our quality is appreciated.
From Hool TDX27 to Macedonia
Stanco of Metak Trans from Macedonia bought a used double-decker from AB-BC last year. He liked it so much that he will pick up a double-decker at AB-BC today. A nice one from Hool TDX27. "Certainly not the last one", said Stanco at his departure.
Long relationship with Dortmans Touringcars
Anton sold a new Marcopolo to Dortmans Touringcars in 2003. Last year AB-BC delivered a new Rosero and this year again a new Rosero to John Dortmans of Dortmans Touringcars. A long and warm relationship between AB-BC and Dortmans can be called that.
Scania to Forestanswer in Portugal
Jack van ForestAnswer from Portugal was also at AB-BC a few months ago to see a used Scania Touring. He didn't know then. Last week he came back and bought a nice 2015 Scania, which he picked up today.
Van Hool TDX27 to Moldova
VASOLTRANS from Moldova was there early today. At 7:00 a.m. they were already waiting in front of the AB-BC office to pick up their new acquisition. A VAN HOOL TDX27, on such a beautiful car you don't want to wait long.
Another bus for Jamor Polska
Jamor Polska is also no stranger to AB-BC. Two years ago Jiri bought a VAN HOOL Astron at AB-BC. Today we deliver a Mercedes Tourismo. Not a recent one but a very nice one with a retrofit euro-5 installation on it.
Another bus for Breuer
Breuer Busunternehmen from Germany was also at AB-BC BV in June for a used bus. This bus is so popular that they bought a bus from AB-BC in September. Now a VAN HOOL A360 and this is not the last one, according to Mr. Breuer, when he picked up the bus. See you soon!
Vladimir finds it at AB-BC
Vladimir called last week. He was in Germany and was very disappointed in the bus he had seen in Essen, Germany. "May I come and visit you," he asked? For Anton was fine with this of course. And today he picks up his new acquisition. A Marcopolo Viaggio 10 meters. At the time it was newly delivered by Anton to his former employer.
Webasto to Romania
Here Elly delivers a beautiful city van with Mercedes engine of the brand Webasto. We had never heard of it, but were pleasantly surprised when this bus arrived from Sweden. JTA TRANS from Romania also and bought the bus directly from the photo and sent Florea Lucian Busuoic to pick it up on the bus.
Again beautiful bus for Taxi Lady
Taxi Lady from Finland bought a VDL BOVA from AB-BC two years ago. Today he picks up a beautiful Temsa with a Euro-5 engine at AB-BC. It's nice when customers appreciate your service and the trust is so great that they come back to buy another bus.
Another bus for Luminosa
Luminosa Tour from Portugal is no stranger to AB-BC. Twice before we could show you an episode with Adriano of Luminosa Tour. Now with a Mercedes Beulas with wheelchair spaces. Thanks to Tony, one of our drivers, who took care of the honors during the company holiday.
Bus for transport Footballfans
David Reisen from Oelde Germany picks up their latest acquisition here. An articulated bus from Van HOOL. The bus will transport supporters of football club SCHALKE04 and for that it was important, that the bus got a higher topspeed to drive on the highway than it had . In cooperation with VAN HOOL, AB-BC has of course arranged this.
Dream: bus as motorhome
Jacob Balk from Alkmaar has a dream: living in a bus. Here Jacob picks up the bus at Elly, which he will completely convert to motorhome. We are curious about the end result.
Iveco Stratos
Peter Toonen bought a nice Sprinter at AB-BC a few years ago. Today Peter picks up his second purchase at AB-BC. A young used Iveco Stratos with a clean euro-6 engine.
From bus to permanent motorhome
A private house, a pitch under the sun. This Eos is converted by Hermen from Drachten to a permanent camper. We are curious about the end result. Hopefully Hermen will send the pictures.
Another bus for Hazenbroek
Today we had French lessons from our Walloon client Laurant Hazenbroek. You will see Laurant on our website a couple of times a year, when he buys another bus at AB-BC. Today Anton could practice his French language with Laurant and Gerda delivered the bus.
Setra 416 GT HD for Evobus Czech Republic
Here Elly delivers a Setra 416 GT HD for EVOBUS Czech Republic. We still have his twin brother, so maybe this one will be heading for the Czech Republic soon.
Temsa MD9 to Ukraine
Ecolines is a large bus group from Lithuania with more than 1,300 coaches, providing scheduled services throughout Europe. For their line in the Ukraine they bought a beautiful Temsa MD9 at AB-BC. We hope that this purchase at AB-BC is the first of a long and fruitful collaboration.
Van Hool for Breuer Reisen in Germany
Early in the morning the gentlemen from Breuer Reisen were already at AB-BC. With the new German license in their pocket, they quickly drive back to Germany with their latest addition: a Van HOOL 10-metre city bus.
Temsa Safari for Rooney Tours
Promise makes guilty, Edwin thought, when he went to AB-BC BV with a full box of sausage bread to pick up his latest acquisition. The third bus this year from AB-BC. Now a nice Temsa Safari HD for Rooney Tours from Hoek van Holland.
Beautiful Temsa Safari
Here Anton delivers a nice Temsa Safari to E&R courses. The Temsa will serve as a Instructionbus for E&R and will get many new coach drivers behind the wheel.
Back to the old nest
This EOS is going back to its old boss. After years of service at Rooney, he exchanged the EOS for a more recent bus, which will soon be available on our media. When Peter Witte heard that, he did not hesitate for a moment. He wanted the bus back and so it happened today. Back to Pasteur Reizen.
Iveco Arway for Gass Travel
Thursday was a holiday in Germany. For Gass Reisen also in the Netherlands, because there they bought a beautiful Iveco Arway at AB-BC BV. The Arway with elevator will serve as a school bus.
VDL BOVA SYNERGY for Bergensche Busreizen
For Martijn and Gerrit van Bergensche Busreizen it was finally time yesterday. The delivery of the VDL BOVA SYNERGY. Completely repainted and with a new MOT, their new acquisition was ready. The bus can go straight to work, because it is high season for Bergensche Busreizen.
Second bus for Rooney Tours
Rooney Tours picks up his second purchase of the year here. A beautiful Sprinter with 19 places. Soon you will see Rooney again, because then they will pick up a third bus.
Second bus for Filler Trans from Hungary
This is bus number two for Filler Trans from Hungary. Driver Pal brought his son with him today to assist him with the ride back.
Mercedes Tourismo to Portugal
Jesus van Traviama Transportes from Portugal bought a MAN from AB-BC BV last year. This year he buys a beautiful Mercedes Tourismo from Anton. Hopefully we will see Jesus again next year.
Mercedes Tourismo to Portugal
Jesus van Traviama Transportes from Portugal bought a MAN from AB-BC BV last year. This year he buys a beautiful Mercedes Tourismo from Anton. Hopefully we will see Jesus again next year.
Scania Omnilink to Poland
Ramzes from Poland saw a bus on the internet at AB-BC on Sunday and immediately got in the car to buy it. A Scania Omnlink with only 350.000 km. Of course you can't leave it there.
We buy them both
Filler Trans from Hungary called. They are interested in a Scania Irizar, which we have here. "I have two," said Anton. "Well then we'll buy them both", was Victoria's answer. Today they picked up the first one and next week the second one.
VDL Synergie for van Asselt
Peter and Marco van Asselt are no strangers at AB-BC. When Marco called that he needed a nice double-decker, Anton told him that there was a nice one on the way. Today the delivery of this beauty. A VDL Synergie with a clean Euro-5 engine
From Russia with love
That's what the relationship between Alpina and AB-BC looks like. Proud that we are court supplier and here the episode of number three from a series of five and Fausto the dog is on it again.
BRYAN has a dream
Back to Aruba and start a bus company there. Of course you need a bus for that and Bryan found it at AB-BC in Hoogerheide. Now a busdrivinglicense and the activities in Aruba can start.

Temsa Safari to Bulgaria
Paul Dragota of LARSA from Bulgaria picks up his Temsa Safari here. Last Monday Paul and his colleague came directly from Eindhoven Airport to AB-BC and the purchase was quickly closed. The workshop gave the bus a delivery service and on Wednesday Paul could safely leave for Bulgaria. At departure Paul gave to Elly another search for some kind of similar Temsa. So if you have one left, please contact us because we already have the customer.

Iveco Rosero for Muske Coach
Jean van Ophalfen of Muske Coach picks up his Iveco Rosero here. Already the second bus, which Jean buys at AB-BC in half a year and we both don't hope for the last one.
And another delivery on location by deliverydriver Tony
Now in Eindhoven at I-Team to Mr. Timmers and his team. I-Clean will use this beautiful Mercedes Sprinter for the promotion of their high quality cleaning machines.
Temsa Opalin to Serbia
Martin van Dijas picks up his new bus in the rain at a Temsa Opalin. Martin is going to use the bus in Serbia.
Too far to pick up your bus yourself?
No problem! Then we drive a bit your way. Dauria from Italy asked if we could come to Munich by bus. Of course we do! We left on Sunday and delivered the bus in Munich on Monday morning. A beautiful VAN HOOL 911, who in his second life becomes a bus of a drinigschool in Italy.
Beautiful Volvo Cemetery for Beertens
Here Elly delivers to Benno Beerten van Beerten Events B.V. a beautiful Volvo Berkhof. Benno will use the bus as a party bus throughout the Netherlands.
Beautiful Magiq for Foltrans
Andrzej Folmer called a week ago. He wanted to come and see a VDL Magiq at AB-BC. The appointment was made for good Friday. Unfortunately this Friday didn't go very well and Andrzej had to cancel because of car trouble. If we could wait a week was the question. No problem for us and see: patience is a good thing. Andrzej will leave with his Magiq today. 
VDL Magiq to Poland
Elly doesn't sit still on Anton's vacation. Here she delivers a VDL Magiq to Jerry Madel from Poland.
Second of five buses for Alpine
Here Elly delivers the second Scania from a series of five to Alexander of Alpine. So you will see Alexander a few more times in the coming weeks in our episodes. 
Tourbus for AMS Shuttle & Tours
Bachir of AMS Shuttle & Tours picks up his first real bus. Bachir has been running a taxi company in Amsterdam for years and now the time is ripe for a tour bus. We wish Bachir all the success with his new project.
Iveco Daily to Krefeld in Germany
BIENVENEU DIDALANVI from Krefeld (D) picks up his latest addition here: an Iveco Daily.
VAN HOOL Double Decker for Van Kooten
In 2017 Simon van Kooten bought a VAN HOOL Double Decker at AB-BC. Now two years later Simon is back to buy a beautiful Mercedes Sprinter. It's great when customers find you again, when they need a bus. Thanks Simon
Scania Beulas Double-decker with Euro-6 engine
Touringcar company van de Wou picks up his beautiful new acquisition here. A beautiful young used Scania Beulas Double Decker with Euro 6 engine. At the time AB-BC delivered new to Bovo and we are glad that we have found an owner again, who knows how to appreciate this jewel.
Beautiful VAN HOOL T917 with 60 luxury seats
Christophe Sys of STAP BVBA, "on the road with the bus". ...is picking up his latest addition here. A beautiful VAN HOOL T917 with 60 luxury seats. We wish Christophe and his team many safe and pleasant miles.
VDL BOVA Futura to Italy
Francesco Reali came along as an expert to look at two hybrid buses at AB-BC for an Italian city service. During the visit he noticed a beautiful VDL BOVA Futura. The deal was quickly made and today Francesco picks up his bus to take it to the Adriatic coast of Italy.
Scania A30 for Blauw Reizen
Willem Blauw from Blauw Reizen bought a beautiful double-decker last year at AB-BC. Now AB-BC delivers a beautiful Scania A30 to Willem.
Beautiful Volvo to Estonia
Nicolai Rogozin from Estonia picks up his beautiful VOLVO 9700 here. He already has a VAN HOOL and a VDL BERKHOF and now a beautiful Volvo is added.
Satisfied customers come back
JPG TRANSPORTES bought a Scania Touring from AB-BC in 2018. Exactly one year later, Mr. Gomes bought another. Nice when customers are satisfied and come back again.
Bus again for Alpina
Alpina has bought buses again. Five pieces this time. This is the first episode and you will see them four more times.
Nice bus to Serbia
Naisturs Inc. from Serbia sent friends from Oberhausen to Germany to come and see a bus at AB-BC. Great bus found the friends and see here: Ivica the driver of Naisturs Inc. picks up the bus at Elly.

Scania to Estonia
OÜ Valdeko Reisid from Estonia had prepared her business well. All necessary documents had already been sent to AB-BC in advance, so the paperwork was quickly ready, if the bus looked like this, as Anton had described. And that was the bus, of course, because the AB-BC team and especially Joop had put the bus in perfect place. Beautifully clean and the bus even smelled good, when you walked through it. The gentlemen were quickly convinced. This Scania PB goes with you to Estonia.

Another nice bus for Megabus
In 2012 John Latten bought a Berkhof double-decker from AB-BC . Seven years later the Berkhof is back at AB-BC and has replaced it with a beautiful VDL Jonckheere. We hope that John will enjoy driving the Jonckheere for a few years and that after a while we can rejuvenate it for another fine bus from AB-BC.
AB-BC wins 3-year supply contract
AB-BC BV has won a 3-year contract to supply school buses for the GO ! school group in Belgium. Today Anton delivers a bus to the Markevalei in Herne. A beautiful new school bus with 33 seats and equipped with all modern conveniences. With this bus the students can be brought home safely for years to come.

Exchange for new Rosero First
In 2011 the Grüninger company bought a Rosero First from AB-BC. Recently they contacted Anton. The bus has been written off for accounting purposes and the accountant said that we have to incur costs. So we can exchange the bus for a new one ? "Of course," Anton said, "There is one in stock. So said so done. See here the picture with the new and the old car. Correction: two pictures. One with Elly and one with Gerda. The driver wanted to have the picture taken with every AB-BC lady.

Two articulated buses to Italy
STEAT from Italy bought an articulated bus from AB-BC in 2017. Two years later they again need articulated buses, now 2 pieces. AB-BC had two beautiful HOOLS hybrids, so the deal was done like this and the ladies of the AB-BC promotion team delivered the two buses.
Van Hool to Kazakhstan
Baktbek from Kazakhstan called Friday, that he had seen a beautiful Van Hool at AB-BC. If he could come by on Monday to watch this bus. Anton thought that was fine of course. And see here: two hours later he leaves with his new acquisition including all the necessary documents, because this is arranged immediately by a specialist like AB-BC.
BOVA MAGIQ to Pana in Greece
Pana from Greece called Tuesday for a BOVA MAGIQ. A day later he is here with Elly to take the bus to Greece. Quick action Pana!
Two of Hools sold
Andrzej van Dudi bus buys two from Hools at AB-BC. Actually Andrzj would pick up these buses last week, but unfortunately his son broke his leg when skiing in Italy. Andrzej asked Anton if the buses could stay for another week. Of course Anton said: "No problem".
Scania Berkhof to Estonia
Bustrip from Estonia had a 19-person bus and was looking for a 50-person bus. Arvo, the owner of Bustrip, contacted AB-BC and was interested in a 2007 Scania Berkhof. After a number of telephone calls Arvo was convinced that this Scania was his bus and today is the day. Elly delivers the bus to Arvo and he and his driver are ready for the long journey to Estonia.
Scania Irizar to Serbia
Crevini Signal from Serbia picks up their latest addition here: a 14-metre Scania Irizar. At the farewell they gave Anton a search for a 10 meter bus with 40 seats. So if you have such a bus left, please let us know soon.

Mercedes Medio to Albania
Arjan of FJOARI TRAVEL from Albania is delighted. Here he receives his Mercedes Medio from Anton. It is a long day for him, because he arrived with two drivers Sunday night at 01:30 in Zaventem and it was no longer possible to book a hotel. So we had to wait for the AB-BC BUS. But after a nice lunch on the beach of Bergen op Zoom, all the travel woes were quickly forgotten.

Again bus for Hazi
And another bus for Hazi. In our last message about Hazi we already told, that he would pick up another bus within 14 days and see here: he is back. Hopefully we will see him again soon.
Double Decker for Tholtax
Fred took the step and bought a double-decker from AB-BC. Fred has ever larger groups and a double-decker was more and more missed. Not anymore, because from today Tholtax Tours has these also in the rental.
EOS 2000 to Kazakhstan
And here is Marat again. Now he takes a beautiful EOS 200 to faraway Kazakhstan. He has five thousand long kilometres to do, but it is worth it, he says, to buy a bus at AB-BC. Of course we have completely checked the bus, so Marat can handle the long journey without any problems.
Another bus for Alpina from Kaliningrad
It becomes almost a habit to deliver buses to Alpina. Over the years, many buses - especially Scania's - have left for Igor. Now another one and we are looking again, because they need more.
Bova Futura to Poland
Tomasz Remiszewski and his father buy a BOVA Futura from AB-BC. They proudly left for Poland.
Mans Lion Coach for Pripo in Bosnia Herzegovina
Pripo from Bosnia-Herzegovina picks up his latest acquisition. A black MAN Lions Coach. After the test drive, they had a few remarks. If we want to repair it? Of course we do so and see here with good courage they leave with a full tank home.
Iveco Arway for Rooney Tours
Rooney Tours from Hoek van Holland was looking for a nice bus that could handle all kinds of work and then of course you come to Hoogerheide to pick one out at AB-BC.
A beautiful Iveco Arway with a clean EEV-engine.
Three buses for AVEURO
AVEURO and AB-BC are partners, for new and used buses. AVEURO supplies AB-BC with new Mercedes Sprinter buses and AB-BC often supplies AVEURO with the occasions for these buses. Here Elly delivers three used buses to AVEURO. Now we have to wait for a load of new Sprinters.
Another bus for HAZI
Rafal van Hazi picks up his third bus and immediately bought another bus. A beautiful green Marcopolo. He will pick it up in two weeks. You will see soon another picture of Rafal and Anton with a new AB-BC-bus.

Two buses to Georgia
Bondo Zirakdze and his brother are from Georgia. Friday evening they arrived at AB-BC to watch EOS 90. We have two, was our answer. Bondo could not decide and called a friend in Georgia. On Bondo's advice his friend Vasili immediately decided to buy the other Eos and bought a plane ticket to Amsterdam. Tuesday morning they returned with five men to AB-BC to pick up both buses and start the long journey to Georgia.

Fourth bus for Ovraz Voyages
And here is the fourth bus for Laurant Hazebroek of Ovraz Voyages from Belgium. Laurant, a loyal customer, picks up his fourth bus at AB-BC and immediately paid a deposit for the fifth bus.
MAN bus to Poland
Some customers are very quickly back to the delivery. Tomasz from Poland receives his MAN here but was back within the hour. Tomasz had emptied the tank to such an extent that all enginefilters were full and the vehicle had no more power. No problem for Kelvin. In the workshop the filters were replaced and he put 100 litres of diesel in the bus and all problems were solved.

Van Hool T917 to Serbia
Sometimes a sale goes fast and sometimes it takes a little longer. Djorde from Serbia called Anton in December and they agreed on a price for a used VAN HOOL T917. Djorde starteda coach company with his father and his old employer finances the first bus. So Djorde came to the Netherlands with his father and expected that the bus had already been paid for. Unfortunately this was not the case. After a week of waiting, father and son went home for unfinished business. Fortunately the story doesn't end here. Djorde found another financier and see here the paid bus to Serbia. All ends well.

You look one and buy two
AB-BC strives for a sustainable collaboration with all its customers. Hazi bought a used Iveco from Anton at the end of last year and is already back for another Iveco Daily. Upon arrival Rafal saw another Iveco Daily at AB-BC. They quickly agreed and he bought them both. Nice right ?
Petras Pocevicius of UAB KIRALIK from Lithuania brings here his latest addition: a VAN HOOL ALICRON. Petras was pleasantly surprised, that the export papers were ready within 10 minutes at AB-BC. Normal for us, but Petras had never experienced such a service before.
Bus to Serbia
GLOBUS BUS from Serbia picks up his new bus here. In addition to the usual export documents, the Serbian Ministry of Transport also requires a EUR1 and an origin declaration. No problem with AB-BC. We relieve the customer of all worries.
Bova Magiq to Greece
"Do you have snow chains", asked Georg from Greece, when he arrived in the wintery Hoogerheide. The Dutch are not used to snow, but certainly not Greeks. Yet they left with the Bova Magiq to sunny Greece.
Two buses for Lech Trans in Poland
Lech Trans from Poland is used to some snow. 1500 km of traffic jams are now in the Netherlands but that doesn't matter to them. They drove all night long and came to Gerda to pick up two buses that Gerda Lech Trans had sold last week.

Beautiful from Hool Alicron to Germany
Some customers spontaneously give you a smile. This is certainly the case with Marius Nicola and his family. Father, mother and son are originally Italians and have lived in Germany for two generations, but still thoroughbred Italians. Dad told us that his son had studied, but still wanted to be a bus driver. So an extra bus is bought. Here is the result: a beautiful one from Hool Alicron.

BOVA MAGIQ for Carpe diem in Poland
Robert van Carpe Diem had a long day there. At 19:45 he got into the car and was at 08:00 the next day at AB-BC in Hoogerheide. There he bought a beautiful BOVA MAGIQ and immediately took it back to Poland. Robert will sleep well when he is back in Poland.
Aleto Tours buys a VAN HOOL Astromega euro 5 at AB-BC
This week Anton was abroad. No problem for the ladies at the office. Then they sell the buses. Here is Elly who delivers the double-decker to Roel.
Another bus for Muijs Reizen
Muys reizen and AB-BC BV have a long relationship. Even before Anton founded AB-BC in 2010, they already did business with each other and that has remained so. Today Elly delivers a Scania Touring Euro 6 to Wim.
VDL BOVA Futura to France
Touraine excursions from France has also found AB-BC and picks up his last purchase here. A beautiful VDL BOVA Futura from 2010. More and more French people find AB-BC and that's not surprising. Who doesn't want to be advised by our perfectly speaking Gerda?
Scania to Estonia
Anatoli arrived yesterday at Zaventem and of course we pick up our customers to come and see our buses. Unfortunately Anatoli doesn't speak English German or French very well and he went for a walk on Zaventem. A whole tour to find Anatoli, but when he finally arrived in Hoogerheide, the purchase of a bus was so arranged.
Busy day today delivering 3 buses
The first of today : Jiri Rysavy from the Czech Republic leaves happy with his new buy a nice iveco Daily with 19 places
Mercedes Tourismo
Stefan Hümmer was there early in the new year. At 8:00 am he was at AB-BC on January 2nd to pick up his new Mercedes Tourismo. Last year Stefan was also with us. Then to pick up a new Iveco Crossway

Iveco Rosero for City Tour
Anton and Arthur have been in contact with each other for a year now. Arthur had set up a hop-on-hop-off coach service in Zaanstreek. His company is called City Tour Zaanstreek. Together they looked at the range of AB-BC BV and came to the conclusion that a young used Iveco Rosero with 25 places is ideal to start. See the result here. Elly delivers the first Rosero to Arthur. Early next year Arthur will need another bus.

MAN BEULAS for Chris Pardalos from Greece
AB-BC delivers a beautiful MAN BEULAS SPICA with elevator to Greece. This bus was just bought and sold within a day. It is a beautiful bus, equipped with 51 seats, an EEV engine and all the options you expect on a modern bus, Chris wanted to go home quickly because t
Beautiful young used Otokar
AB-BC searches and finds the most beautiful buses in all of Europe. Here a German Otokar who has found a new boss in Belgium. Leader Tourismo from Mouscron picks up his beautiful young used Otokar here. At the delivery it was not a farewell but an appointment for a next purchase.
AB-BC supplies 13 new Roseros for concession DAV
Sunday 9 December Qbuzz will start with the public transport concession DAV (Dordrecht, Alblasserdam Vijfheerenlanden). For this concession Qbuzz has purchased three electric Rosero's and ten diesel Rosero's low entry. With the three taken over electric Rosero's from old carrier Arriva, the total Rosero fleet will be 16 units. The buses will run for at least eight years with an option to extend twice two years.
Click here for more pictures...........
Again bus for Alpina Russia
AB-BC BV is constantly looking for and finding buses for Alpina. This time a Scania Omniexpres with elevator, which AB-BC found and bought in Sweden. Curious what AB-BC will export to Russia next year? Then please check our site or Facebook page regularly.
Castiello Bus from Naple buys two buses
Two small Italians crossing from Naples. These Neapolitans dreamed of two buses from Hoogerheide. Castiello Bus from Naples is very happy with their new acquisitions. A Mercedes Tourismo and a VDL bova.
Ovraz Reizen buys a bus again at AB-BC
François Hazenbroek from Ovraz is an old acquaintance of AB-BC. François has already bought three buses from Anton and when he received this Bova he againlooks to another one. the chances are we can take another picture with François this year.
Rosero for Ruhr Travel Service
Petra Gössling of Ruhr Reisedienst receives her second Rosero here. She already has a Rosero and now it was time for a second one and then you automatically end up at AB-BC in Hoogerheide, the official Rosero importer for the Benelux, which also has a wide range of used buses in stock from large to small.

New school bus in Westelbeers (Belgium)
The Westelbeers Schoolbus Foundation has been set up to ensure that pupils from Westelbeers can attend school safely and on time. They are brought by a school bus, which is owned by the Foundation. 350 families have put money together for a new bus. And here is the result today. AB-BC delivers a brand new Rosero school bus to the foundation. A great initiative of an involved community.

Iveco Sunrider for Ryana Coach from Charleroi (Belgium)
Ryana Coach from Charleroi buys again from AB-BC BV. Two years ago Ryana bought a Mercedes Sprinter from AB-BC. Now an Iveco sunrider with 30 seats and this is not the last bus Ryana told at the farewell.
Schoolbus to Tatry in Poland
Piotr from Tatry Express picks up his beautiful schoolbus here. This morning Piotr arrived at Eindhoven Airport and two hours later he leaves with his bus to Poland including export registration plates and insurance. Piotr was very happy that AB-BC arranged it so quickly.

I leave
Wim Blommaert and Sophie Vindevogel have exchanged Belgium for Portugal, where they started a glamping in the Algarve. On their glamping they have a number of lodges and luxury tents. Their next project is to convert a bus into a luxury holiday company. Their search for a suitable bus brought them to AB-BC, where they found a Mercedes Conecto. The deal was quickly made and AB-BC BV promised to bring the bus to Portugal. We hope to be able to show you pictures of the end result of this original idea soon. Curious about the Glamping check ?? www.algarvesafarilodge.be

Bova for Prisacaru from Romania
ION Prisacaru from Romania is very happy with his Bova from 2003. So you see that AB-BC has a vehicle for every wallet. At home in Romania, Ion makes a new one from this bus. that's what he promised. 
VDL Jonckheere lift bus for Scandio in Poland
Scandio impex from Poland takes their latest addition with them: a beautiful VDL Jonckheere lift bus from 2011. They quickly agreed. This must be him. A good choice
Scania Touring for Little Bus
Andre from Little bus is specialized in renting small buses. Now he buys his first big bus, a Scania Touring. According to Andre this is the first one in Portugal. This spring he will return to buy another Touring, as he promised Anton at his farewell.
VAN HOOL Double-decker to Kazakhstan
Bakhyt Ismailov has to drive no less than 6,000 kilometres before he is home with his VAN HOOL Double Decker. Luckily there are two of them, but it remains a long drive to Kazakhstan.
Also the neighbours buy at AB-BC
The neighbour has a new bus. Tim is Anton's neighbour and has had a party bus for a number of years. Unfortunately this bus did not come from AB-BC. That has now changed. Tim bought a nice Mercedes Integro. At the delivery Anton could get acquainted with the new neighbor.
Iveco Rosero Tourbus for John Dortmans
Twelve years ago John Dortmans bought a new Marcopolo Senior from Anton. Today he picks up the successor. A new Iveco Rosero Tourbus with all luxury options such as TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, luxury seats, etc etc etc. . Twelve years ago John came to pick up the bus with his brothers. Now with his daughter. Proudly they drove the new bus home.
Mercedes Coach for Rocky
Rocky 73 years old and still going strong. After having driven sprinter buses for years, he is ready for the next step: a real Mercedes Touringcar. If he likes it, he changes all his sprinters for 10 meter long buses.
Again Bova to Albania
Era Travel from Albania buys another Bova from AB-BC, which is already number four. They love coming to AB-BC because everything is well organized and a rental car is arranged to be mobile during their stay. "This service deserves a thumb", said Fatmir of Era Travel.
Another bus for Taras Rab from Ukraine
Taras Rab from Ukraine was at AB-BC in January, where he bought an Astron T916. Now he picks up another VDL Jonckheere Euro 5. Taras is very satisfied with his Astron and that is why he likes to come back to AB-BC BV for a VDL Jonckheere. Curious to know when we will see Taras again.
VDL Jonckheere to Belgium
Muskecoach from Gembloux picks up his new VDL Jonckheere from Anton. Because of the new emission requirements in the big cities in Belgium Jean Louis has replaced his beautiful Neoplan with a Euro-4 VDL Jonckheere, which he found at AB-BC BV. We wish Musckcoach many pleasant kilometers with his new addition.

Bus to Morocco
Every week Anton goes to school one day to learn French. Not necessary for Gerda, because her French is fluent. That is why she takes care of the French-speaking customers at AB-BC BV. Here Gerda delivers a bus to Beni Chiker, who will use it for a school in Morocco. Beni drives the bus himself to Morocco with special export plates, which AB-BC BV can also deliver to you when purchasing a bus. Bon Voyage Beni.

Fourth bus for Taxi Jobe
Johan van Taxi Jobe picks up his fourth bus at AB-BC BV. This bus with Euro-6 engine found Anton in Sweden for Johan and is really equipped with all the luxury. Air conditioning, parking heater, parking sensors, rear view camera in the mirror, etc, etc, etc.
Bus to Curaçao
Elly and Gerda deliver a bus here, which goes on a long journey to the always sunny Curaçao. We take the bus to the harbour in Rotterdam, where it is loaded onto a boat and then it is: Ayo Scania

An exceptional car for an exceptional customer
Although this bus has the first registration of 2008, Tholtax from Tholen is the first company, which will be dealing with the Iveco Daily for miles. It is literally a scouring expedition. After having stood in England for a number of years for a Hybrid project, AB-BC BV bought this bus and rebuilt it to its original drive system.

A great opportunity for Fred, one of AB-BC's most loyal clients. A new bus for the price of a used one. Fred has been a familiar face at AB-BC BV for years and is very happy that Anton approached him with his find and the purchase was closed very quickly. It's nice that you can share benefits with your loyal relationships.

Mercedes Sprinter to Greece
Here Elly delivers a Mercedes Sprinter to Konstaninos from Greece. On delivery Konstaninos told him he was looking for another sprinter. So do you have another Mercedes Sprinter that you want to exchange? Then let Anton know.
Van Hool 924 to Ukraine
Olec and Olec from Ukraine come again to collect a beautiful VAN HOOL 924 from AB-BC BV. Sunday she called that this bus wanted to have and got right in the car towards the Netherlands. They come back in November for another bus she told them at departure.
Mercedes Sprinter for Taxi van Loo
Taxi van Loo from Gulpen bought a used Iveco Daily from AB-BC in 2016. After two years of loyal service they receive a beautiful Mercedes Sprinter from Elly. Also with 20 places but now with 180 hp and an automatic gearbox. We wish Guido and his team lots of fun again and hope to see them again in the year ahead for the next step.
Scania for Maasdal again
Here the second Scania for Maasdal. Jos had a nice Limburg cake with him and after we had eaten it, Jos took the bus back to the beautiful Limburg country.
Scania A30 to Russia
Alex from Russia picks up a beautiful Scania A30 here. Elly delivers the bus and Alex returns to Russia with great satisfaction.
Scania A30 from 2014 to Portugal
Mickael Ferreira from Portugal was picked up by us on Thursday at Eindhoven Airport to come and take a look at a beautiful Scania A30 from 2014. Of course the bus was okay and Mickael also had his boss Orlando fly over and together on Saturday morning the bus to get handed over by Anton. Boa viagem Mickael en Orlando!
Scania A30 for Jos van Maasdal
Jos van Maasdal receives his first Scania A30 here. At the beginning of this year Maasdal bought a beautiful Iveco 25-person bus. Now he has bought two so-called Scania's A30 from AB-BC. Until about 3 weeks Jos for the next Scania A30.

Iveco Indcar for Mateo from Italy
Mateo from Italy fetches his Iveco Indcar here. Thursday evening Mateo arrived at Eindhoven Airport and decided to go to sleep there and travel to AB-BC by train in the morning. Unfortunately this did not go so smoothly, but at 14:00 Mateo was in Bergen op Zoom, where we quickly picked him up. Fortunately, the return trip went well and Mateo was back in Italy on Sunday.

Scania A30 for Scania in Poland
Here Elly delivers a Scania A30 to Scania Poland. For a very good relationship Scania Poland was looking for a newly used Scania, AB-BC bought a series of 6 pieces in France. Beautiful young buses with very few kilometers. We now have two more. Looking for lots of chairs for little money? Check our website
Bus becomes a tracking car for motorcycle club
Here's Robert Hopman and his motorcycle friends. Robert was looking for a bus to convert it into a camper van for their international motorcycle trips. In August he has to be ready for the first trip to Denmark. We are curious to know what the bus will look like and hope to be able to show you the pictures of the end result this autumn.
Once again bus to Ukraine
AB-BC BV is busy with customers from Ukraine, see here Igor who bought a used MAN from AB-BC.
Setra 417 HDH to Ukraine
Last week, Ukraine-based Kovalyk Volodymyr concluded a successful purchase week with the purchase of a Setra 417 HDH. The condition for buying the bus for Kovalyk was that he could drive directly back to Ukraine by bus. No problem for Elly, because she made all the documents including a transit plate was ready and an hour later Kovalyk left with his new acquisition 
Sprinter purpose-built for taxi market
Goals Limo Service will get a very nice Sprinter delivered today. The first 8+1 Sprinter that AB-BC has built for the taxi market. According to the factory the most beautiful they ever built. See it by yourself in the photo reportage
From Hool to Croatia
Vincek from Croatia gets here from Gerda their new beautiful VAN HOOL T916. The bus was bought unseen, because the gentlemen of Vincek have heard from other Croatian customers that AB-BC BV do more than they promise. Beautiful right?

Iveco to Serbia
Mr Gravrilovic from Serbia was with his cousin in Amsterdam for a few days. And what do you do if you are in the Netherlands for a few days? Right! You drive past AB-BC BV and find a beautiful Iveco Kapena. It was late, because Mr. Gavrilovic had also bought a Smart for his wife, who had to be taken to Eindhoven. As a result, this photo could only be taken at 22:00. Luckily it is summer.

Astron for COBUSS from Ukraine
In January Antanoy was already with AB-BC for an Astron and now he picks up another one at AB-BC. During the delivery there was still a sample of Customs, but of course all the papers had been made in order by Elly.
Iveco Crossway to Germany
Irro-Reisen from Lüchow Germany bought another beautiful Iveco Crossway from AB-BC. The third Crossway they take from AB-BC. When Irro SR. Anton called to buy a new or newly used Crossway euro 6, Anton was able to help him with a newly used Crossway, which was recently purchased in Luxembourg. Family Irro, thanks again for the assignment and on to the next one.

Clean Rosero school bus for the Belgian municipality
AB-BC supplies the first CNG bus to the Municipality of Beveren via a tender won from EANDIS. The municipality of Beveren (Belgium) is the first. Last year AB-BC won a tender from network manager Eandis in Belgium, which encourages sustainable mobility by supplying clean vehicles to the Flemish authorities.

This Rosero School bus has a clean CNG engine, and space for 31 passengers. We wish Gwen and his team many fine kilometers and hope that there will still be many clean school buses in Belgium this year.

And ... again Alpina
And another bus for Alpina. Do you still have a bus on two axles 2007-2008 euro 4 and this may leave report it to Anton and we give a fair price
Another bus for Alpina in Russia
And another bus for Alpina from Kaliningrad Russia. Alex drives all the way back with a beautiful Scania I4. AB-BC is looking for more of these buses. So if you still have a bus for sale, report it to Anton and you are certainly doing a good job.

Iveco Axer to Slovakia
Dopa Tours from Slovakia celebrated Labour Day with the purchase of a beautiful Iveco Axer. Two months ago they bought an Iveco Arway. When we got home it turned out that the Retarder was missing under the bus. Something that AB-BC didn't know, because this vehicle had only been owned by AB-BC for two hours. No problem! AB-BC arranged for a replacement Retarder and sent it to Slovakia. This was so much appreciated by Dopa Tours that today they picked up a second bus. They expect to come to Hoogerheide again this year for a third bus.

VDL Bova for Cagitours in Macedonia
Also on Sunday we are ready for our customers, hence Anton's casual clothing. Here he delivers a VDL BOVA MAGIQ to CAGITOURS from Macedonia. The owner of Cagi, Elvis lives and works in Luxembourg and unfortunately could not get free from his boss. No problem. Come and visit us on Sundays, because we are always ready to help our customers.
Double-decker to Hungary
Here, Alfa Service from Hungary collects its double-decker from AB-BC. We have provided the bus with extra seats, so that 82 people can be transported in it.
First school bus for GO - Belgium
This is the first school bus for the GO in Belgium, for the 3-year call tenders that AB-BC has won. The drivers of the Wilgenduin from Kalmthout have the honour to receive the first bus. There will be many more to come and we will be proud to spread them across all the media.
Purchase of Hellasbus
In Greece they know Elly as well. Here she delivers a Temsa bus to Anastasios of Hellasbus. This Euro 5 bus will be this summer with tourists driving around and in Athens.
Second bus for Alpina to Russia
As mentioned earlier: here the second bus for Alpina. Next week they come to pick up number three and then our search starts again for young used coaches, who have to head for Russia for the World Cup Football this summer.

Volvo Berkhof wheelchair bus for Tholtax
Tholtax Tours has been a popular client of AB-BC BV for many years, where Elly delivers a beautiful Volvo Berkhof wheelchair bus to Fred. In addition to Tholtax Tours, Fred also has a the funeralcompany Van Haaften in Sint Maartensdijk. Since the Volvo has a nice discreet colour blue and an elevator that is placed in the middle, from now on the bus can also be used for funerals where the deceased can be transported together with the next of kin. A special initiative of Fred, which will certainly be appreciated.

Another two buses for AVEURO from Romania
Elly delivers here two Integro's that start a second life in Romania. At the moment of delivery Anton and Gerda in Romania are at AVEURO in the Factory to buy 3 new sprinters. You will soon see these on the well-known media

Rosero Extra Long for Doelen Coach
Doelen Coach from Schiphol will receive the first Rosero Extra Long. This bus is 8.4 m long, creating extra legroom for the passengers and an extra large boot behind. Ideal according to the family of Wijk van Doelen Coach for longer trips. This bus is very luxurious and equipped with all comforts such as refrigerator, DVD, luxury leather chairs etc.

Soon you will see another episode of Doelen Coach on our media, as there is also a luxury Sprinter sold to Doelen. Click here for more pictures.

Bus on truck
Not all buses leave by road. This Mercedes from Danuta Bubak was picked up with a trailer. That was exciting because the overhang of this bus is very long, so the angle of the ramps was too short. Luckily the loading ramp of the neighbours was free and we could use it to load the bus into the trailer.
VDL Magiq bought at visit
Four weeks ago Zbigniew Tomala was on holiday in the Netherlands. He also came by to tell us that the VDL Magiq, which he bought last year, is doing very well. When he was there he walked right past all the buses used at AB-BC and saw a beautiful VDL Lexio. Today he picked him up and told him to come back in October for another bus. Good trip Zbigniew and until October

Scania Irizar for Aveuro in Romania
Here is the first delivery of our new star Elly. She delivers a beautiful Scania Irizar to AVEURO our relationship in Romania. Together with Aveuro, AB-BC is building beautiful Mercedes Sprinter passenger buses. Although this collaboration is still very fresh, we have already sold a number of them and will soon be presenting them extensively on all media. Elly success and hopefully we'll take a lot of pictures of you with deliveries.

Alpine becomes the largest customer
Alpine from Kaliningrad Russia is well on its way to becoming one of AB-BC's largest customers, and this year's World Cup requires a lot of buses in Russia. And Alpine's Igor has commissioned AB-BC to search for them. Here Anton delivers number 4 and at this visit to AB-BC Igor bought 3 more so we will soon see Igor again at the episode of numbers 5 6 and 7
Wheelchairbus for ZINN
Here he is standing the new ZINN wheelchair bus. ZINN is a healthcare organization for (home) care, housing and welfare in Groningen, Haren and Hoogezand. With this beautiful bus Zinn goes out with her residents. Eating fish in Den Helder or other day trips in a wheelchair bus is what Zinn offers its residents. A wonderful initiative that AB-BC has been able to implement.
Too crazy bus for TE GEK!?
90 percent of the customer base of AB-BC BV are professional carriers. Sometimes we get a request from a special bus for us. Mid-2017 took TE GEK? Contact us. Too crazy! is an initiative of the Psychiatric Hospital Sint-Annendael in Diest Belgium. They were looking for an information bus, where they could provide information and break down barriers to psychological problems. AB-BC BV went looking for a suitable bus and found it in Switzerland. This bus was converted into an Infobus with a movie room, space for information, visual material and even space for a small radio studio. March 27th Qmusic makes a live broadcast from this beautiful bus. Click here for more pictures.
Scania Irizar to Romania
There, the Scania goes to Romania. Stelli Rodica knew for sure this busthey must have and they came with four strong men to Hoogerheide to pick up this beautiful Scania Irizar. Fully loaded with used truck tyres they left after consuming the delicious toasties, that Gerda bakes for each customer.

Two buses for Zeebra Tours
Anton Bals and Joop Vreugdenhil have known each other for years. Joop is an experienced man, who has already experienced everything and is happy to share this knowledge with others. So also with Anton. Joop also needs Touringcars, which he buys from AB-BC. now AB-BC supplies two beautiful Touringcars to JOJO Tours and Zeebra Tours from Joop. A beautiful TDX 27 double-decker made by Hool for JOJO Tours and a VDL FUTURA for Zeebra Tours.


Wheelchair bus for Rijnders Touringcars
In the snow, Anton today delivered a beautiful wheelchair bus to Rijnders Touringcars. For the environmental zones in Amsterdam, Frans and his sons have been looking for a Euro-5 wheelchair bus for some time. Two years ago they bought a Volvo from AB-BC BV and when they visited Anton on the Busworld 2017, they asked him to look forward to a Euro-5 wheelchair bus. Today this Marcopolo is being delivered. Family Rijnders thanks for the trust and see you soon again.

Volvo 9500 for EDAD
EDAD and AB-BC have a warm relationship. This is already the fourth bus that Wim buys for his company at AB-BC BV. Sylvia becomes the driver of this beautiful young Volvo 9500. Ron, Sylvia's partner, works for EDAD as a mechanic and is going to make this bus Sylvia-proof again. This means thick audio installation, disco lighting in it and some more specials. Good luck Wim with this bus.

Beautiful Scania for Joao Gomes Pinto from Portugal
In 2002 Anton Bals took his first steps in the bus world with a visit to Marcopolo's factory in Coimbra, Portugal. Saturday January 13th Joao Gomes Pinto came to see a beautiful Scania at AB-BC. What is now apparent? Joao is originally from Coimbra. With this common history, Anton and Joao were of course quick to get out and today Joao leaves with his new purchase in Portugal. Boa viagem Joao.

Bus for Camp Westerbork
A year ago, Sjaak Kortenhoeven of Camp Westerbork visited AB-BC. Camp Westerbork is a memorial centre in Drenthe, where the deportations of the many Jews to the camps in Germany and Poland are commemorated. As the car park and the real city centre are not entirely next to each other, but are 2 to 3 kilometres apart, they used an old public transport bus on their grounds that was at least 20 years old. This bus had failed. They urgently needed a good bus for little money, a flat floor in the bus, the possibility to transport wheelchairs in the bus and then another 3 entrance and exit doors in order to limit the downtime at the stops as much as possible.

What else can you deliver than a Van Hool New A330? This bus fully complies with the requirements. And coincidentally, there were two ex public transport buses at AB-BC. AB-BC was making this ready for delivery. The buses would be temporarily leased to a parking service at the airports of Charleroi and Zaventem. This pending the delivery of their new buses. However, this tenant was so satisfied with the buses supplied by AB-BC that they did not want to give them back at all. They therefore bought the buses.

Luckily this was not a set of 2 buses, but of 3 buses. For example, AB-BC was able to buy the very last Van Hool OV bus with a Dutch registration number and prepare it for the Remembrance Centre. This Van Hool New A330 was commissioned in 2004 at BBA-Connex Brabant in the colours white and blue. Later the bus travelled all the way around in blue at BBA-Connex in Tilburg. When BBA-Connex was taken over by Veolia, the buses were sprayed in the well-known red-white Veolia colours. After delivery of the new Veolia buses in 2007, this Van Hool was taken out of the fleet. Shortly later this bus was used by Veolia in the concession Haaglanden. A few years ago, this bus and the rest of the series were finally put aside.
After an extensive refurbishment on the outside, bottom, inner side, the bus was completely "new" made in a few weeks time. Then quickly a new APK on top and the bus could be delivered.

During these months that the Remembrance Centre did not have a bus, AB-BC used another old Ambassador of Connexxion and an old Mercedes from Syntus to ensure that visitors could visit the Remembrance Centre normally by bus.
We wish all employees of the Kamp Westerbork Memorial Centre every success with their new purchase!

VDL for Van Asselt
AB-BC BV has been doing business with Peter and Marco van Asselt for many years. Until now, we have bought the restorers from them, but now the roles have been reversed.
Marco saw a nice VDL 10 metres for sale on the internet with a German colleague trader. He contacted AB-BC to ask whether we want to deliver this bus to them on Dutch license plate. No problem, of course, for AB-BC, which has all the authority to introduce such a bus and to check it on the Dutch registration number. You can see: next to maintenance, purchase and sale of your buses we will also relieve you. For example, importing used buses to the Netherlands.
Van Hool Astron to Ukraine
Unfortunately, Taras Rab from the Ukraine only speaks Russian, but this is not a problem for AB-BC BV either, but with a little help and good will we deliver a very nice Van Hool Astron to Taras. Even arranging a hotel for Taras is not a problem if he asks for it via the app. Taras success with your lovely Hool 
Iveco Unvi to Poland
Father and Son Nader phoned AB-BC in December whether the Iveco Unvi, which was offered on the internet, was still for sale. Anton told that he was still there, and Andrzej replied that this bus was sold and that he would pay for it immediately. And surely, within a day, the amount was on AB-BC BV's account and Andrzej called again that he would pick up the bus in the new year. Now it is so far. He is satisfied with the described quality and then father and son departed again towards Poland with the message that they quickly come back to buy another bus.
Iveco 70C17 Atomic
Jos and Frank van Het Maasdal from Maasbree recently visited Anton at the Rosero stand. They were interested in a new Rosero, but also a young used person was considered. Coincidence was, that we exchanged a beautiful young used Iveco 70C17 Atomic from 2013 at the fair. So after the fair we called Jos and Frank and see here the issue of the Atomic. The departure was funny, because Jos arrived in a Smart and hung it behind the new bus. Good journey with your vehicles, Jos.

M.A.N. Lions Coach for Traviama in Portugal
A few weeks ago AB-BC bought a beautiful M.A.N. Lion's Coach with few kilometres and in a well maintained condition.
When José van Traviama Transportes Terrestres de Passageiros LDA saw this bus, he knew immediately that this was the bus for expanding his fleet. Because he did not want to take any risk that the bus would have been sold for his nose, he immediately booked an air ticket from Lisbon via Germany to Zaventem for himself and his son. When they saw the bus, both gentlemen did not have to think long. They bought the bus. On the same day they flew back to Lisbon to finish the rest of their finances. Now that everything had been arranged, José returned to collect his new purchase so that he can immediately start his new acquisition in the New Year. We wish José and his team every success and safe mileage with this new purchase.

VDL Magiq to Ukraine
Sergeii van Easstrans is a very loyal customer. In the course of the years Sergeii has already bought many buses from AB-BC and now he arrives at a VDL Magiq for the transport of up to 61 people from and to Italy from Ukraine. Thank you again Sergeii for your trust and hopefully until next year.
And that is three!
Recently, Alpina recently purchased 2 Scania Irizar's from Kaliningrad Russia from AB-BC BV. 2 Scania Irizar's was in demand of another third at the time of delivery of the second and see here number also departs to Russia. We have agreed that this pleasant cooperation will be continued next year.
Marcopolo Viaggio to Ukraine
Some deals go very fast as with Sergei Serda from the Ukraine. Serge called Sunday evening, came Tuesday morning, saw the Marcopolo Viaggio, transferred the money and left for Ukraine. Another happy customer and hopefully another new relationship in the Ukraine for AB-BC.
So father so his son
Tomasz Madel's father bought a Bova from AB-BC BV two years ago, and son Tomasz is now following in the footsteps of Pa and then it is logical that you make use of Pa's connections. And so Tomasz bought his first bus from AB-BC as it belongs to the good family tradition. Tomasz, good trip and see you again.
Isuzu Harmony for Taxi Jobe
In 2012, Johan bought a Ford Transit with 15 seats at AB-BC, which quickly became too small and in 2014 a larger bus was bought, namely a Marcopolo Senior with 25 seats. This one is too small now and Johan is now retrieving his Isuzu Harmony. We wish Taxi Jobe lots of fun and hope to see the bus soon again if Johan needs a bigger one again.
Beautiful Rosero for Sallandtours
This Mercedes Picardi built by Rosero in 2007 on the basis of a Mercedes O818. This luxury midi-bus has 25 seats, two tables and a guide chair. We wish Nico every success with this new addition
Two Scania Century for Alpina LTD in Russia
AB-BC BV does a lot of business with former Soviet republics, but so far there has not been much business with Russia. Perhaps here comes with the sale of two beautiful Scania Century's to Alpina LTD from Kaliningrad change. We wish Alexandr a good trip and expect him back next week to pick up the second one.
Minibus to Greece
Due to the increased number of travellers to Lesbos, Rafael Variamis already purchased a Scania Century from AB-BC in August. However, he had so much extra work that he immediately needed another bus. His eye fell on a minibus at AB-BC: a very nice Mercedes 313 CDI of 2012, and Rafael immediately had another trip to the Netherlands with his wife, son and daughter-in-law; a trip that eventually took them to Lesbos via the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Italy and 2 ferries. We wish Rafael and his team every success again with this new purchase.

Life of a bus
Some buses do not reach the end of their service life due to different circumstances. Other buses have a lifecycle to say "U" to, as is this Van Hool A300. This bus was first commissioned at De Lijn in Antwerp with fleet number 3194 in January 1995. Later (in 2004) this bus was rented out by De Lijn to De Polder in Antwerp.
Through a youth sports association that ended up in 2007, the bus went to the Province of Antwerp. After a complete conversion which was carried out at and by Van Hool, this bus started a new life as "Fitbus". For example, the bus was used at various sports events in the province of Antwerp.

A few years later, the vehicle ended up at AB-BC and was given a Dutch registration number and sold to a notary's office in Zundert. With this bus, they have been advertising their office for several years by driving to various events in the region.

Now that the bus has also proven its services for the notary, the bus has returned to AB-BC again and is now starting its next life at SC ITI International in Jud Brasov, Romania. We wish this new owner once again every success with this purchase.
Click here for more pictures.

Van Hool T927 Astromega to Rimini in Italy
From all over Europe, AB-BC customers now know how to find AB-BC. They come from ever further afield. Andrea Bianchini of S.A.M. Bianchini from Rimini; the company that his father started about 35 years ago. For the expansion of the already very diverse vehicle fleet, Andre has decided to buy his first Van Hool; namely a Van Hool T927 Astromega from 2007 with a Euro 5 D. A. F. Motor with more than 500 horsepower. The bus is equipped with 91 places, toilet, TV's downstairs and upstairs; toilet, kitchen, etc. We wish Andrea and his team every success with this 1st Van Hool.
Iveco Indcar Wing to Serbia
Last year Daly america from Serbia bought a Temsa at AB-BC. Now they are back to pick up an Iveco Indcar Wing. We are proud to see the clients come back because of our quality and service. We wish you a nice trip back, Milan and till the next time.
Scania Irizar New Century to Iceland
Friday afternoon. Adnd a new bus is ready for transport. This time it is a Scania Irizar New Century with luxury seats, dvd, tv, toilet etc. In the mean time the bus is on his way to Rotterdam to be transported to Iceland to the nw owner Gunnar Gunnarsson van Sagatours Iceland. Gunnar started his company with big jeeps to transport tourists all over iceland. Then he had minibusses and nowadays real touringcars. Some friends of him already bought busses at AB-BC, so Gunnar joined him. And he bought two busses. we wish Gunnar a lot of succes.
Bova to Greece
Because of the increase of tourism in GreeceKatoikos Serganis Tirogiannis was looking voor a bus. So Katoikos find his way to AB-BC. we wish him and his team a lot of succes with the new purchase a Bova FHD 12.340 with TV, toilet, airco etc.
Scania Irizar with a wheelchair-elevator
Luminosa from Lissabon already bought a Marcopolo at AB-BC. Because a lot of work he needed another bus. Because of the good relationship he choosed again for AB-BC. He bought a flightticket and at the end of the day he leaved with the bus to Portugal. This time Luminosa choosed for a Scania Irizar with wheelchairelevator, a special toilet and there are tables in he bus to give the passengers more luxury. we wish Luminosa and his team a lot of succes.

Van Hool T916 Astron to Ukrain
Today Ihor Samardak came to AB-BC to pick up a nice Van Hool T916 Astron.These bus will be used for a line from the Ukrain to Italy. Ilhor couldn't wait to use this bis and went quicly to the Ukrain. Good trip!

3-shaft BOVA MHD

A few weeks ago Pavel Řípa came to AB-BC to make some testdrives with a couple of BOVA's. Then he choosed the one who fits the best to increase his business: a 3-shaft Bova MHD 139.460 with 61 seats, toilet, tv, airconditioning etc. We wish Paverl a lot of save kilometers with his new purchase.

Man Lions Coach to Czechia
sergei comes alreay a long time to AB-BC. Most of the time for some older busses, but now he bought a nice young MAN LIONS COACH with a euro-4 engine. We like it to see, that our cutomers do good business in their country. Good trip to Czechia.
Third dubbledecker for Ideal Travel in Poland
Ideal Travel is a busy occupation from the Ukrain. By strange entrylimitations they went to Poland. End of last year they already bought two Van Hool Dubbledeckers at AB-BC and now the third one. An ideal customer for AB-BC. Good luck and see you again.
AB-BC delivers Scania Irizar to Greece
Last week Ionnis called Anton Bals from AB-BC. He was looking for a used but good Scania Irizar. "Come along" said Anton. AB-BC had at that moment 8 such a busses. So Ionnis came from Maistrou, a coastvillage in Greece and buys a 2008 Scania Irizar Century from 2008. So AB-BC controlled the bus in their workshop and after two days Ionnis and his friend Apostelus turned back to Greece with their new bus.
Vorige week belde Ionnis naar Anton Bals. Hij zocht een gebruikte maar wel mooie Scania Irizar. "Kom maar langs", zei Anton, "ik heb er 8 staan moet iets voor je bij zijn." En dus kwam Ionnis van Maistrou een Kustplaats in Griekenland. Aangekomen was de keuze snel gemaakt. Een mooie 2008 Scania Irizar Century uit 2008. Zoals het AB-BC betaamt, werd de bus snel door de werkplaats nagekeken en in orde gemaakt en twee dagen later vertrok Ionnis met zijn vriend Apostelus terug naar het lekkere weer in Griekenland. Veel succes en tot snel
Bus to Kirghizia
Joeri has to drive more than 8000 kilometers to get home. He lives and works in Kirghizia. But that is no problem with the bus from AB-BC which is totally controlled before this trip. Good trip back, Joeri!!

Iveco to Italy
2017 is a fantastic year for AB-BC. This year AB-BC is leader in the market for the midi-busses in the Netherlands, but it don't mean that AB-BC don't deliver busses abroad.
So Anton from AB-BC delivered a brandnew Iveco Toorys to Orfeo Viaggi in Atessa Italy with 23 seats. This beautifull bushas all the luxury as airco, luxury seats and a clean Euro-6 engine. we wish Mario a lot of safe kilometers.

Mercedes Tourismo for Muijs Scaldis Reizen
When you buy always new Mercedes- and Setrabusses and you have so much work that you need a new one, you will go to AB-BC, where this new bus was on theirv website. After a testdrive Jolanda Muijs from Muijs Scaldis Reizen was convinced and buys this bus, which has a euro-4 engine, fridge, coffeemachine, LCD-screens and 60 seats. we wish Jolanda and her team a lot of succes.

Rosero FIRST FLHI CNG schoolbus for Belgium municipality Doornik
More and more administrations come with auster rules for emission. So that's also valid for the administration theirselfs. So Doornik in Belgium, whee the had 15 year old schoolbusses. So they began with a 12 mter Scania with a cng-engine. But this bus was too long and too wide for the small streets in the town. So they bought the Rosero FIRST FLHI CNG schoolbus with a wide from 2,35 m. The bus has a strong 3.0 liter Iveco CNG engine and a clean euro-6 engine and seats for 31 passengers + driver. So that's enoughr because the most opf the classes there a about 25 til 27 childeren. We wish the town of Doornik a lot of succes with these busses.

Volvo B12B for Van den Broek/Van Mil Tours
Milieuzones..... Euro-standards. Who didn't hear from it and becomes a little crazy. So Johan van den Broek from Van den Broek/Van Mil Tours did.He had two busses with euro-2 and euro-3-standard. He exchanged them for a very nice Volvo B12B with Jonckheere bodywork, which he can update to Euro-5. So he can work with this bus a lot of years.

Bova elevatorbus for Taxilady in Finland
In Finland summer last only for 5 month. so a short time to earn money. So you don't buy a new bus and if you already have a Bova and a Scania, you will choose for a bus hat fits to it. Juhani Front from Taxilady looks for an elevatorbus, so he came to AB-BC , where he found this bus with a little kilometers. We wish him a lot of safe kilometers.

A Rosero again for Snelle vliet Touringcars
At the end of last year Ruud van der Marel from SnelleVliet Touringcars BV orderd his first Rosero First Tour to increase a lot of business. The first rosero was delivered in january. He was very satisfied and orderd a second Rosero. Of course this bus, which is the same as the first, could be delivered very fast. A luxury bus with 27 seats, dvd and lcd-screens, fridge etc. We wish Ruud and his team a lot of safe kilometers.

Scania Irizar Century to Greece
The tourism in Greece is recovering. So more and more touringcarbusiness find their way to AB-BC. So Rafail Variamis van Variamis Travel & Tourism from Lesbos did. He was looking for a Scania Irizar Century and find it at AB-BC. Together with his son and daughter-in-law he came and picked up the bus for a beautiful trip back to Greece. We wish them and the lot of dutch tourists, who will be brought to their hotel by this bus, a lot of safe kilometers.

Jointed bus for Te Brake in Groenlo (NL)
Suppose you will sell a bus to AB-BC and the new owner is missing a few parts. Then you come to AB-Bc and in the mena time you buy a bus. That happend to the brothers te Brake uit Groenlo (NL) Their german affiliate was looking for a cheap but good jointed bus and they found it at AB-BC.

VDL BOVA Synergy for Blauw's Reizen in Ter Apel (NL)
Willem Blauw was very glad with the VDL Bova. He was quit a while looking for an Euro-5 Dubbledecker and to whom do you go: AB-BC in the Netherlands of course. This bus has all the luxury and a clean engine. So Willems team is ready for the future. Good trip and see you again.

Setra 417 for VDM Tours
AB-BC and VDM tours have one thing in common. They startet both in 2010. And not without succes as you can see. Anton from AB-BC delives today a beautiful Setr 417 to Kenneth from VDM Tours. They have a lot of party-rentalbusses.


This Setra had 60 luxury seats and an elevator for wheelchairs. Anton and Kenneth both know that this moment will be repeated in future.

Iveco Crossway for Hümmer in Kirchlauter Germany
This nice Iveco has a passengers-airco, Webasto heather, a double entry-door en another lot of extras. We wish Bernard and his team a lot of safe kilometers with this beautiful bus.

Carl Adams, chairman from the Mighty Mauves 51, was looking for an adherent for the Volvo Jonckheere and came to AB-BC. Thee he found a high Van Hool with a lot of luggagespece. AB-BC takes care for a purple interior with special headrests with the text THE  MIGHTY MAUVES 51.  Soon the bus will be wrapped in black with silvere letters. We wish Carl and The Mighty Mauves a succesfull time with this bus.

Van Hool to Fermo ( Italië)
AB-BC sells busses in a lot of ways. Customers are coming because they know AB-BC over Internet, magazines etc. But AB-BC does also public tenders. So there was one in Fermo ( Italy) near to San Marino where STEAT was looking for a bus voor the public transport. AB-BC won the tender affined to the European rules. STEAT came to pick up the bus at AB-BC. This is their first Van Hool and we hope that there may follow a lot more. We wish them a lot of safe kilometers.

Scania Irizar to Portugal
Recently Gilberto Couto from Friendly Inspiration LDA in Portugal bought his first Scania Irizar at AB-BC. He was very satisfied about his purchase, that when he heard that AB-BC had another Scania Irizar, Gliberto didn't think to long and bought also his second bus at AB-BC.

Van Hool T916 for Peer & Co
Peer from Tourincarcompany Peer & Co came just before 2017 at AB-BC along to look after a pink Van Hool T916. Peer was glad with thjat bus, but......not with the colour. Now the bus is ready en be honest....it's a beauty. Well done..Peer!!

Touringcar for Zeebra Tours
Zeebra Tours and AB-BC is a good combination. Joop Vreugdenhil was more than succesfull in Busses. Started as a gardenerhe build a succesfull touringcarbusiness in the west of the Netherlands. After he sold this company he started Zeebra Tours, JOJO Tours and Zeeuws Vlaanderen Reizen. He is also succesfull in real estate. AB-BC is glad to have him as a customer.

Bova 15 meters with 70 seat to Montenegro
Dalibor from montenegro was looking for a bus with a lot of seats. Anton from AB-BC tiold him he had a Bova 15 meters with 70 seats. Dalibor maked a testdrive and an agree with Anton. So a satisfied Dalibor drove with his bus to Montenegro.

BOVA 10 meters for ESPEQ
Technique is cool! With this slogan ESPEQ goes to schools with this promotionbus to make young kids enthusiasm for work in construction industry. ESPEQ is a joint venture from copmpanies in that industry. The old bus must be replaced and ESPEQ-associate Wilfred find a good one at AB-BC. This Bova 10 mter will be wrapped in a new style and then Wilfred will start his task to enthusiasm the schoolkids.

Three Scania Irizars to Spain
In january Nuno Fernando Goncalves Moreira buys his first Scania Irizar at AB-BC.
He was so satisfied, that he still buys three of them now. Now he picked up the first two buses. We wish him and his team a lot of succes and safe kilometers.

Triomf Tours three buses at AB-BC
Recently Olmer Lisandro VernooijfromTriomf Tours b.v. buys three used buses at
AB-BC, because of the lot of werk this company gets. Owner Olmer wishes that he could use the buses immediately because he has a lot of work. So two buses are delivered now with a recent inspection. A Scania Touring Higher HD from 2013 with 50 seats and all the luxury youcan imagine like a fridge, TV-screens, leather seats, adapteble backrests, toilet, coffeemachine etc. etc. The second bus is a Merceds 516 Sprinter from 2016 with 20 seats. we wish Olmer a lot of succes with his first two buses.

DAF Jockheere to Portugal
Father and son De Cruz van Escola de Conducao Portimonse De Cruz & De Cruz LDA needed a bus for their driving-school. The minimum demands were a 10 meter bus, cheap and less kilometers. So they choose for a DAF Jonckheere for a nice price and less kilomters. We hope that a lot of drivers will succeed and get their drivinglicense with this bus.

Very luxury Rosero for Doelen Coach Schiphol
Last oktober Doelen Coach visited at the IAA in Hannover (Germany) the Roserostand. AB-BBC is alreay for years the Rosero-agent for the Benelux. The owner-familiy van Wijk from Doelen was very impressed about the Rosero First, which was shown there. They decided to order a Rosero First with all the luxury yopu can imagine. Now the bus is delivered. Everybody is very impressed about the bus and his completion. "This will not be the last one"so owner angela told to anton Bals from AB-BC.
Look here for more photographs of this nice bus.


Nice schoolbus to Essen (Belgium)
Muys Reizen in Essen (B) drives every day a lot of schoolkids from and to their schools. From the 1st. of february there are environmental zones in Antwerpen (B). So every bus must have al least a Euro-3-Plus diesel particulate filter. Muys was looking for such a bus with 22 seats. And where do you find it? Of course, at AB-BC in Hoogerheide (NL).

IVECO Crossway for EDAD Reizen in Dordrecht (NL)
Wim Lipman, The owner of EDAD Reizen in Dordrecht (NL) came on a saturdaymorning to AB-Bc to look for a used bus. While drinking a cup of coffee he saw the new Iveco Crossway. This bus was already sold, but Wim was impressed after a short drive with the bus. He ordered the new 13 mters Crossway with 60 seats and a clean Euro-6 engine. we wish Wim and his team a lot of safe kilometers.

Scania Irizar to Portugal
Till one week ago Gilberto Couto van Friendly Inspiration LDA from Porto in Portugal was very busy to find the right bus. Till his friend came home with a Scania Irizar from AB-BC. Then Gilberto could make his descision very fast, because AB-BC had three others th 50 seats, climate control, tv, etc. This fits very good to the other three Scania's Gilberto already owns. We wish him a lot of succes.

Two buses to Spain
Benito Abalo from Autocares Benito Abalo was looking for a bus to increase his firm. He find the bus of his choice at AB-BC. A nice Scania Higher Touring HD from 2013 with only 400.000 km., 50 seats, fully airconditioning, coffeemachine, fridge and vey important for the Spanish hills: the 400 Hp. engine with a Euro-5 emissionclass. Benito just made the deal as he saw a nice Iveco Indcar Wing came on the AB-BC-parking. In a glance Benito saw that this bus was extremely good mantained, the nice interior and the 24 seats. If you are still here with an extra driver, then he decided to buy that bus too. We wish Benito and his team a lot of succes.

IVECO Crossway for Gehringer Reisen (D)
Gehringer Reisen from Germany bought two years ago an Iveco Crossway at AB-BC. Now -two years later - they are looking for another Crossway. To whom do you go?
To AB-BC of course. We wish Jobst and his team a lot of pleasure with this beautiful Crossway.

Beautiful Dubbledecker for Van Gompel Touringcars in Bergeijk(NL)
Gert-Jan Lommerse from Van Gompel Touringcars was looking for a dubbledecker and phoned with Anton Bals from AB-BC, if he can look for such a touringcar.Of course Anton foumd a beautiful Van Hool T927 in Germany. AB-BC imported this beauty and took care for the import-inspection. Gert-Jan ánd AB-BC satisfied.

AB-BC delivers a beautiful VanHool T916 to Peer en Co
This Euro-5 Van Hool has all the luxury like toilet, dvd, big kitchen, fridge and luxury passengerseats. Peer brings the bus first to the cargusher to bring it in the firmcolours and send us a picture when the bus is ready.

Den Oudsten to Slowakia
Slowakia is the country from whee AB-Bc imports their Rosero. Now a bus from AB-BC goes to Slowakia. It's a Den Oudsten foro ARGO TRANS in Zilina. We wish Adrian and his father a lot of fun with this Dutch product.

EOS 200 for supermaketclients
Bert Knap has a supermarket in Sint Jansklooster (NL) and wants to bind the customers over a savingystem by free bustravels. So he find a nice bus at AB-BC, but he wants to let it make ready for the inspection. Onde day after delivery, we got an app, that the bus was authorized. Normal! Because you can trust on the AB-BC service. AB-BC-service, thé adress for busservices.

Touringcar to Spain
Autocares Lazara from Pontevedra in Spain buys his third bus at AB-BC. Why AB-BC? Well it's simple. As Luis says, the busses from AB-BC are really as the are subscribed and that's what he is looking for. Luis, thanks en we hope to see you soon again.

Dubbledecker to Lithuania
Darius Tuskevicius from Lithuania wants to build a part-bus. so he came to AB-BC in hoogerheide (NL). Here was a dubbledeckerbus from Movie Park for sale, that suffices to his wishes and buget. Darius will send us a photo, when his project is ready.

Scania Irizar to Poland
IBATUR from Poland bought a 14 meter Scania Irizar with 62 passengerseats for the transport from schoolkids. Thsi scania has al the luxury like toilet, sleepingcabin, dvd. The children that will be bringing at school with this bus, can be very happy with it.
Scania Century for a young company in Denmark
MT Taxi and Busservice from Hjørring in the north of Denmark is a starting bus- and taxicompany. To develop their busactivities they bought a Scania Century at AB-BC, which has 59 seats, coffeemachine, fridge, climatcontrol etc. We wish MT Taxi- and Busservice a lot of safe kilometers.

Van Hool CL51 for Tattooshop in Belgium
Today AB-Bc delivered this Vann Hool CL51 to Tattoo 42 in Dendermonde (Belgium).
They remove the whole interior en rebuilt it as a tattooshop. With this rebuilt bus with seats, a kitchen and sterile rooms. Dany Bogaert and his team will visit Summerfestivals, where visitors can get tattoos. We wish Danny and his team a lot of succes.

Last delivery in 2016: Van Hool Astron to Kfrakau in Poland
Jiri Novak from Jamor Spolka in Krakau (Poland) has the honour to have the last delivery in 2016. It was still a little exciting, maar fortunately the documents and finance were in time at the last moment. Jiri is on his way back home with his beautiful Van Hool Astron and will celebrate new year at home. We are curious who will have the first delivery in 2017. Check this website or like us on Facebook.

VAN HOOL T827 to the Kirgizic Republic
You live in the Kirgizic Republic and are looking for a dubbledecker. Logic! You will come to AB-BC and buys a VAN HOOL T827. Then you drive over 6400 kilometers back to the Kirgizic Republic. The next day you send a message that every thing went oké and you are very satisfied. Masikulov, thanks for your confidence.
Jonckheere Mistral for new Romenian company
Lilian Constantinescu wants to start a new company together with his two sons. So where do you buy your first bus? At AB-BC of course. So Lilian came to the Netherlands with his two sons and bought a beautiful Jonckheere Mistral. Then he went back to Romania, edified there LIN TRAVEL, asked for a VAT-number and picked up his first bus. We wish the family Constantinscu a lot of luck with their company.

Van Hool Astron for DMD GROUP in Czech Republic
Dmytro had a problem. One of his busses gopt on fire in Austria. And where do you get another bus in a short time, which can do the line from Czech Republic to the Ukrain. Of course at AB-BC in Hoogerheide (NL). So Dmytro came on mondayevening 28th december directly from Austria to Hoogerheide and was helped by Anton in the late evening. With succes. So Dmytro could go back to the Czech Republic with his new bus. We wish him a lot of succes.

Two busses for Ideal Travel in Poland
Ideal Travel original from the Ukrain, but now also with an establishment in Poland bought two dubbledeckers at AB-BC. Today they picked up the first and the second - a T927 Astromega - will follow next week.
Man's Lion Coach for Feniks Bustravel in Vienna
This MAN Euro 4 57 passengerseats. Besides that the bus also has a diesel particulate filter. With that the bus is allowed to come in every city in Austria. So there is a green future for Feniks Bustravel.
Beautiful VDL Dubbledecker Euro 5 for Demunck in Avelgem (Belgium)
This young used bus has all the luxury like toilet, coffeemachine, Dvd and 89 luxury passengerseats. We wish Noël and hisd team a lot of safe kilometers.

Second bus for GesA Travel in Budapest (Hungary)
Last year Kanai Zoltan bought a used bus at AB-BC. Now - a year later - he needs another Bova, so where do you go? To AB-BC of course! We wish Kanai a lot of fun and we hope to see him again next year.

Scania Irizar to Albania
When the salesman from AB-BC are not there, life goes on as usual. Aton and Erwin are in Slowakia and who will sell the busses? Gerda of course, Antons wife.

M.A.B.A. VIAGGI from Tirana (Albania) bought a Scania Irizar. This bus will make a route between Albania and Italy.

Volvo B12 Berkhof to Slowakia
Soor Frantisek  from slowakia is 63 years old and before he get retired he wants to buy a bus again. So, where does he go? To AB-BC of course. We wish Soor and his Volvo B12 Berkhof all the luck and hope he will reach his retirement without any problems.

Mercedes 814 Vario for Gabreau (Belgium)
Ecole d’Arc, a school in the Belgium Village Grandmetz arrange his own schoolkidstransport. Because the bus was no longer acceptable for this job, Jean-Marie Gabreau was insistent looking for an adherent. So he find his way to AB-BC and leaved with this Mercedes 814 Vario with 30 seats for the childeren. We wish Jean-Marie, his team and the schoolkids a lot of safe kilometers.

Temsa Safari
Wim Muys and Anton Bals know each other for a lot of years. At that time Wim buys his first Marco Polo from Anton,who works that time for Bluekens. Now Wim buys a Temsa Safari with a lot of seats and all the luxury you may expect with such a young occasion.

Beautiful Setra 411 for Milot Reizen Rotterdam
cor was looking for a nice 10 meters and where are you looking in that moment: of course AB-BC. This nice Setra has all the luxury, even an alcohol lock for the driver. Again an extra security Milot Reizen can offer their clients. We wish Cor a lot of sober kilometers.

Van Hool T927 Astromega
Rene Broeren makes a profession of his hobby and by his love for touringcars he drives with two Van Hool T8 doubledeckers. But because of the envirement requires René decided to buy a newer bus. Suddenly his son saw a Van Hool T927 Astromega on the facebook-page from AB-BC and said to his dad, that he likes to drive such a bus. So, it was a quick deal. This was the bus René was looking for.

This Van Hool has all the luxury like dvd with lcd-screens, fridge, kitchen, toilet, space seats with a lot of storage, skibox, strong DAF Euro-5 engine with 510 horsepower engine and....... AB-BC put 89 brandnew seats in it and new seats for the driver and guide. So actually we can talk about a new bus.

T815 Acron for BK Travel
BK Travel was looking for a cheap but good touringcar. AB-BC also has such a bus. It is this T815 Acron with aiconditioning, toilet and dvd. Bas from BK Travel can do a nice job for the coming years.

EOS- Van Hool touringcar for Hotel de Prins (NL)
There are businessman who starts a touringcarcom;pany. Other ones will start a hotel. So Peter Geers does with Hotel tde Prins in Ossendrecht (NL). Peter has big plans with this EOS-Van Hool with wheelchairelevator. Besides hotelrooms he will offer his guests dailytrips. We wish him good luck with his new bus.

Mercedes Benz Tourino for Pajot Tours
Pajot Tours and AB-BC are doing business together for a lot of years. Now AB-BC delivered a nice young Mercedes Benz Tourino to Patrick Jacobs. We hope he will have a lot of nice kilometers with this bus.

BOVA MAGIQ Euro 5 for Lamia Griekenland
Intercity Bus from Lamia Greece want to dance the Sirtaki with Edwin. They are so happy with their new Bova Maqic Euro 5. This Bova has all ther luxury, you may expect from a modern tourincar. We wish Dimitros and his team a lot of pleasant kilometers.

Mercedes Sprinter 616 for SIEDIE Reisen in Suderburg (D)
This Mercedes is a bus with experience and in his second life it will bring childeren from and to school in Suderburg (Germany). We wish Sybille and her team a lot of pleasure with this Sprinter.

Scania Beulas Jewel for Drenthe Tours
It's a real party when you get delivered a brandnew Scania Beulas Jewel. Klaas Jan de Vries from Drenthe Tours (NL) did understand this and invited all the drivers and other staff for a little party at the day of delivering. Immediately after delivery this super luxury doubledecker bus went to Paris. We wish Klaas Jan de Vries and his team a lot of nice kilometers with this beautiful bus.

For more pictures please look here.


Young Iveco bus for Taxi Sjoerd
Last year Sjoerd Verkoelen from Taxi Sjoer in Leeuwarden (NL) want to expand his activities, so he bought already a beautiful VDL Bova at AB-BC. With this car Sjoerd has so much succes in the mean tinme, that he has to expand. Together with Sjoerd his daughter Sylvie likes thsi one the most: a young Iveco bus with space for 19 persons. We wish Sjoerd and his daughter Sylvie a lot of safe kilometers.

Scania Century for Hastrans
Hassan from Hastrans has a dream. aA tourincarcompany for minorites in the Netherlands. With the purchase of a Scania Century with a sootfilter becomes his dream reality. Hassan has big plans. AB-Bc hopes, that it will be more than one bus soon. We wish Hassan a lot of luck with the realisation of his dream.

MAXIBUS from Serbia buys again a bus from AB-BC
Maxibus already bought a bus in december 2015. Now, half a year later Sasa bought again a bus at AB-BC. Now a 14 meter Scania with 62 passengerseats. When he got the bus, he already told, that he is intend to buy another bus this year at AB-BC. We wish Sasa a lot of succes with his Scania.

Temsa to Portugal
Viagens Prima from Portugalbought a used Temsa from AB-BC. João brought three drivers with him to bring that bus to Portugal. We wish them a pleasant trip home.
BOVA MAGIQ for Organizacja Imprez Turystycznych in Miedzychod Poland
This beautiful Maqiq is a luxury touringcar with airconditioning, dvd, toilet and standheathing. We wish mr. Tomala and his team a lot of pleasant kilometers.

New Scania Beulas Glory for Visa Tours
In cooperating with Scania Benelux AB-BC delivered a brandnew Scania Beulas
Glory to Visa Tours. This beautiful Glory is a so called highdecker, has 63 luxury seat and a guideseat. All passengers sit on the second level above the driver. So this gives al lot of luggage space below. The framework is a Scania Euro 6 with 450 hp and an automatic gearbox from Scania: the opti cruise.
The bus is build affined to the wishes of driver Eddy Vannimmen from Visa Tours. Eddy is very proud of his new "princess". The bus has two fridges, a Nespresso coffee-machine and a vacuum-cleaner. We wish Eddy a long and positiv relationship with his Glory. Please, look here for more photographs.

Van Hool Astron to the Ukrain
Since the beginning of this year AB-BC sees more and more customers from the Ukrain. That means, that it is economically en polically rather calm. So
Petro Hasenyuk from Chervonograd bought a beautifull VAN HOOL ASTRON from 2007

A doubledecker again for Atlantic Tour in Romania
AB-BC and Atlantic Tour have a good relation. If AB-BC buys a nice used doubledecker, one phonecall is enough and Atlantic Tour is already the next day in Hoogerheide to pick up that bus.

So now we delivered a nice used Van Hool T927, which will be used between Romania and Germany to transport people, who work in Germany.

Beautiful double-decker for Touringcarbedrijf van Kooten BV
AB-BC has to keep his name, when you talk about delivery from young beautiful used touringcars. So, it is not so amazing, that AB-BC and Simon van Kooten come to business, when Simon wants to renew his Van Hool double-decker and wants a young Euro-5 double-decker. The delivred Van Hool Astromega is a 89+1+1 seats with a euro-5 engine and all the luxury you may expect in such a beautiful bus. We wish Simon and his team a lot of succes with these beautifull bus.

New Mercedes Benz Sprinter for Quattrotaxi in Tilburg (NL)
This nice bus is build by the Spanish constructionfirm Unvi. The complete Sprinter is suitable for 20 passengers and has also a dvd-screen, a fridge for the nice cool drinks, luxury seats, large trunk, airconditioning for the sumer and a standheathing for the winter. Thev bus also has the modern technology about sootemission with the green Euro-6 150 horsepower engine. We wish Jan and his team a lot of safe kilometers.

Van HOOL Acron for Reizen de Zwerver in Zolder(B)
Thsi beautiful used bus will also be used for the transport from the staff from Van Hool and that can't be better than with a Van Hool Bus.

Nillis Busser from Denmark buys Setra 316UL

More and more businessman in touringcars know their way to AB-BC. Also Nillis bock from Nillus Busser from Dybvad in Danmark. Nillis bought a beautiful Setr 316UL. we wish Nillus and his team a lot of pleasure with this bus.

VAN HOOL ASTRON to theOekraïn
AB-BC delevered a young used Van hool T916 to Konstiantyn Kravets uit Stryi in the Oekraïne. Thsi bus has axMAN euro-4 engine, extra space for the luggage, toilet, dvd-player, coffeebar and very luxury seats. This bus will be used on the line between Ukrain and Italy. We wish Konstiantyn a lot of safe kilometers.

Super VIP Sprinter foro Ringelberg Tours in Ridderkerk (NL)
The apogee in luxury Midi-Buses. You can rent it now at Ringelberg Tours in Ridderkerk (NL) This bus has really everything to give the passenger the right Vip-feeling. What do you think about a whiskybar, an icemachine and a stereo with over 1000 watt, extra wide luxury leather seats. Technical has the bus a 6 cylinder 190 horsepower engine and a Vip-radiance in- and outside. we wish Marcel and all his
VIPS a lot of luxury kilometers.
Look here for more pictures.

Bus for Stichting Jeugdwerk in Utrecht (NL)
This bus will be used in the areas to give the youth a familiarand warm place, where yuo can talk and game. A nice initiative, which we will support greatly.

Van Hool 925 for International Tours
International Tours already found his way to AB-BC last year and bought a nice young used Mercedes Sprinter. Now Stefaan was looking for an adherent for his Setra Dubbledecker. So his visit to AB-BC again ended with the purchase of a Van Hool 925 Euro-5. We wish Stefaan and his staff a lot of pleasure with their new accession.


Man Marbus for Hendriks Touring from Oldenbroek (NL)
AB-BC was already looking for a while for a suitable bus for Hendriks Touring in Oldenbroek (NL). Ms Hendriks knows exactly what she wants. A luxury and very comfortable 10 meter bus. AB-BC found this one in Germany. A young used MAN MARBUS with all the luxury like toilet, dvd, airconditioning, webasto and an economic Euro-4 Man engine. That's what the family Hendriks was looking for. So delivered to a proud Ms. and Mr. Hendriks. Good trip!!


Two Scanias for Jumperitz in Germany
Firm Joachim Jumpertz from Germany bought two Scania busses. This is his 4th and 5th bus this company bought from AB-BC. Mr. Jumpertz knows how to find his way to AB-BC, because he always will find the right service and honest buses. We wish Joachim and his team a lot of pleasure with this buses.


Two Scania Touringcars for Vestfirskar Aevintyaraferoir in Iceland
These two young used Scania buses have a clean Euro-5 engine and luxury leather seats. When you will visite Iceland, the opportunity is great, that you will be transported by a bus, that's delivered by AB-BC.


Mercedes Sprinter Euro 5 for Lenoir Reizen (Belgium)
Only a few weeks ago Sylvia and Dirk from Reizen Lenoir / Cars St. Christoph bought a nice TX Astron at AB-BC. In the past they were here again to buy a beautiful luxury Mercedes Sprinter Euro 5. This means that there is a click between AB-BC en Lenoir Reizen. We are glad with taithful cutomers and Sylvia and Dirk with our service. A lot of succes again.


AB-BC delivers a Temsa Diamond aan Tweehek Tours
Henri Oosterveld from Tweehek Tours will use this bus for his company Tweehek Recreatie, specialized in group accomodation for youth. He will also offer the bus for day trips and other passenger transport. We wish Henri and his team a lot of succes with this new adventure

Tweehek recreatie bus

Van Hool TX Astron for Reizen Lenoir in Belgium
AB-BC delivered a beautiful Van Hool TX Astron to Reizen Lenoir/ Cars St. Christophe in Zillebeke Belgium. This nice Van Hool has all the luxury like airconditioning, standheathing, toilet, sleepcabin for the driver and 55 luxury seats. We wish Sylvia and Dirk a lot of nice kilometers with this beautiful bus.

AB-BC delivers a Rosero First aan Scarduelli in Suzarra Italië
This Rosero First has 27 luxury passengerseats, air-conditioning, dvd-player, fridge and a lot of extra luxury, which makes travelling with this bus very enjoyable. we wish Luigi and Stella a lot of pleasure with their purchase.

Bus for Bilfinger ROB in Zwijndrecht Belgium
The sold busses from AB-BC don't make always far travels. Bilfinger was looking for a bus to transport the crew from the one site of the factory to an other. AB-BC had the best solution: a used Van Hool bus.

Photographs from doubledecker Lemmer tours
Recently AB-BC deliverd a Van Hool doubledecker to Lemmer Tours. We received from Roger and Carla some beautifull photographs from there bus in companycolours.
Look here for more photos.

New Mercedes Sprinter for EDAD in Dordrecht (NL)
This MB Sprinter has a clean and economic Euro-6 engine and is extra extended to give the 19 passengers, guide and driver spacious and comforteble seats. The bus also has a large trunk and towbar. Of course thsi bus has all the luxury as airconditioning, heathing, possibilities to adjust the seats etc. For the security of the passengers and driver tis bus has a LDW-system, which wanrs the driver when he get over the roadstrips. Also the bus has a retarder to bring extra brakepower when neccesary. We wish EDAD a lot of pleasant and safe kilometers. Please look here for more photographs

School bus for GO
AB-BC delivered a nice school bus to GO! This bus will be drive for Schoolgroup Westhoek in Diksmuide (NL) to bring childeren to school and back home.

Dubble-decker bus for Lemmer Tours (NL)
AB-BC delivered recently a nice dubble-decker bus to Lemmer Tours in Lelystad (NL). This bus is a Van Hool with 80 luxury seats and a huge ski-case to take along a lot of luggage. we wish Roger and Carla a lot of safe kilometers.

Collectors Item
Not only the touringcars as usual you will see at AB-BC, but sometimes there is also a beautiful collectors item, like this Volvo Berkhof, ex BBA 501, which is still in the original BBA colours. We just gelivered the bus to amatuer / collector Frank van Gurp.

Scania PB to Iceland
ASTVALDUR ELISON in Iceland bought a marbles used Scania PB at AB-BC. This Scania has a lot of comfort and a clean Euro-4 engine. We wish Astvaldur and his team a lot of succes with this vehicle.


AB-BC sells VIP LINER to Ringelberg Tours in Ridderkerk (NL).
This Van Hool Astromega has an extreme luxury look at the inn- and outside. The bus has luxury seats, a large kitchen, dvd, toilet and the famous securitysystem LDW, which warns the driver, when the bus comes outside of the white lines on the road. This Astromega is the fourth dubbledecker in the Ringelberg fleet. we wish Marcel and his team a lot of succes with this bus.

Van Hool T927 for Gerwen Munckhof Tours
Van Gerwen Munckhof Tours BV from Veldhoven (NL) has bought a very luxury Van Hool T927 Dubbledecker. This bus has 79 luxury seats, a complete kitchen, dvd, airconditioning, toilet etc. and of course a clean Euro-5 DAF engine. We wish the brothers van Gerwen a lot of pleasant kilometers with this beautifull bus.

AB-BC delivers the first touringcar to Vervoersgroep Noord in Leeuwarden (NL)
This beautifull Bova Magic is 13 mters, has 54 luxury seats und has also toilet, airconditioning and dvd-player. We are convinced that Sjoerd Verkoelen and his team wil have a lot of succes with this bus.

AB-BC sells a young VDL Jonckheere to Ringelbergtours.nl
This luxury bus has a DAF Euro-5 engine eand 55 luxury seats. Of course this bus has all the extras as toilet, dvd and airconditioning. We wish Marcel and his team a lot of nice kilometrs with this beautifull bus.

AB-BC delivers EURO 6 VAN HOOL TX ASTRON to Autocar Neyens in Peer (B)

This beautifull and as good as new Van Hool TX16 Astron with a full automatic gearbox and DAF Euro-6 engine with a huge luggagespace has been delivered recently by AB-BC to Jackey Neyens and his team. This bus has all the luxury you can imagine, as airco, wi-fi, 220volts connection at every seat, toilet and dvd. There is also a comprehensively camerasystem for turning left or right, drive back and to look at the passengers. Of course there is a proud Jackey on the picture.
Look here for more pictures

MAN VISEON for Stipt Vip Vervoer BV in The Hague.
This 10 meters long luxury touringcar has all the luxury like a big kitchen, toilet, dvd, very luxury chairs, 220 volts connectiion, etc. etc. we are sure, that Sirous and his team will; make a lot of pleasant kilomters with this beautifull bus.
Three new Iveco Rosro First voor Ministry of Defence
Over a public tender AB-BC deliverd three new Iveco Rosero First to the Ministery of Defence. These vehicles have a euro-6 engine, are automatically, and have 24 luxury passengerseats. There is also airconditioning, heathers, isloted glas and navigation. With a lot of enthousiasm the cars are handover in Breda (NL) and Hilversum (NL).
Look here for more photos from this beautifull bus.
AB-BC sells beautiful dubbledecker to ALL DRIVE in Genk (B)
These bus from Van Hool has a nice leather interior, complete kitchen, toilet, airco, dvd, etc. etc. and of course a clean Euro-5 engine. These bus is real accession.. We wish Bernard and his team a lot of safe kilometers.
ABBC delivers Temsa Safari to Charalampos Lavdas from Greece
These bus has aDAF Euro-5 engine and has airco, webasto and a dvd-player. We wish mr. Lavdas a lot of fun with his beautiful Temsa.

Van Hool jointed bus for Diamond Travel in Veghel (NL)
This 18,75 meter long bus, with airconditioning, will be used also for discotransport. We wish Nancy and Johan a lot of 'boom-boom-business'.


Luxury Midi Touringcar for Deutz Reizen in Hilversum (NL)
This young used Iveco has 27 luxury passengerseats, dvd, tables, fridge and a professional hi-fi. We wish Hendrik and Caroline a lot of fine and safe kilometers.

VDL BOVA Dubble-Deckerbus for Lanting Reizen in Hoogeveen
AB-BC sold a nice used VDL BOVA Dubble-Decker bus to Lanting Reizen in Hoogeveen (NL). This bus has 84 luxuery passengerseats and is established with a lot of luxury like a large kitchen, dvd, toilet and individuel dvd-screens in the headrestraints of each seat. We wish Nick and Jeff Lanting a lot of pleasure with their new bus.

Luxury Office-bus for Van Gogh Notary
Van Gogh notary in Zundert (NL) has bought a very luxury Office-bus at AB-BC. This bus is special established to do notarial and juridical advise on locations. Te see more photos, please click here

Volvo 9700 for Leenders Private Transport
AB-BC delivered a nice and young used Volvo 9700 to Leedners Private Transport. Thsi Volvo with a clean euro-4 engine has luxury chairs, airconditioning, toilet, dvd and a lot of other luxury things. We wish Jan-Willem and his team a lot of safe kilometers.

Touringcar Iveco Axer for Police
The Police-academy in Ossendrecht (NL) bought a used touringcar at AB-BC for transport of policeforces. we wish Jan Maas and his collegues a lot of pleasure with their nice Iveco Axer.

Temsa Opalin Vip for Loaker Reisenin Austria
Thsi Temsa has a clean Euro 4 engine and VIP-equipment with a big kitchen, toilet, bistro-tables, dvd, etc. We wisch the Loaker-company a lot of safe kilometers.

AB-BC wins tender
AB-BC has won a tender to deliver 2 buses to Omnibus-Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH "Heideland" in Germany. Last year AB-BC won a tender to for delivery from three buses. With the profit of this experience AB-BC delivered recently two Optare Solo with a 10 mter length. These buses have a very clean Mercedes Benz Euro 6 engine and have heathing and airco.
Please look here for more photos.

Beautifull Van Hool Astron T916 for de Scheldestroom in Ossendrecht (NL)
Ruud Swagemakers from Touringcarcompany de Scheldestroom has bought a beautifull Van Hool Astron T916 at AB-BC. This vehicle has all luxury and a mega lot of space for luggage.

Ringelber Tours buys two doubledeckers
AB-BC deliverd two doubledeckers to Ringelberg Tours in Ridderkerk (NL). These buses are fully equipped und have a clean Euro-5 engine. One of the buses is also equipped as a so called Bistrobus and has a complete kitchen, five fridges and a dishwashmachine. we wish Marcel and his team a lot of safe kilometers.
Please, look here for more photographs
Marcopolo Senior for Wolters uit Drachten (NL)
Lammert Wolters from Taxi Wolters in Drachten has bought a nice young used Marcopolo Senior from 2004. This bus has 25 luxury passengerseats, airco, dvd and a standheater. We wish Lammert a lot of safe kilometers.
AB-BC delivered a Van Hool Astron to Jansen Reizen in Oude Pekela (NL)
Thoolse Taxi buys Marcopolo Senior
Recently AB-BC delivered a nice young Marcopolo Senior occassion to the Thoolse Taxi. This nice vhicle has 25 seats, airconditioning, Webasto TV and a fridge. This buse also has a clean Euro-4 engine. We wish Fred and his team a lot of safe kilometers.
AB-BC delivers two Mercedes Sprinter to Travelco in Corfu
Dimitris Diavatis, owner from Travelco,has a few hotels on Corfu and was looking for two midibuses for clienttransport to excursions and back. These two Mercedes Sprinter have 16 luxury seats, airconditioning, dvd, tv and a huge trunk. The vehicles also have a 190 horsepower engine with an automatic gearbox.We wish Dimitrisa lot of succes with his buses.

AB-BC delivers the first Euro 6 in the Benelux
AB-BC delivered the first EURO6 Rosero First in the Benelux to Robby Cars in Eeklo (Belgium). This schoolbus has 33 seats and a Euro6 engine. Besides that the vehiclehas airconditioning and a standheather, so the schoolkids will be brought safe and in a pleasant way to their schools. we wish Robby and his team a lot of safe kilometers.
Look here for more photos from the bus.

Iveco First linebus to Belgium
The firm Satracom ( part of Keolis België) in Trois Points (Belgium) received her first brandnew Iveco First Linbus. This bus has a low entry level, 22 seats and ten footings. There is also space for two wheelchairs. We wish Satracom a lot of safe kilometers with their new bus. Look here for more pictures.
Yuong occassion Van Hool Astron for Yulyus Travel in Romania.
This bus will be used on the line Romania - spain and will drive 8000 kilometers a week. We wish Luliu and his team a lot of safe kilometers.
Scania Jonckheere to Belgium
AB-BC BV delivered a beautifull used Scania Jockheere to Autocars De Boeck in Elversele, Belgium. This Scania has all the luxury you may expect like a toilet, sleepcabin, airconditioning etc. we wish Tom and his team a lot of safe kilometers.

Mercedes Benz Corvi Long EURO 6

Milot Reizen from Rotterdam has a scoop. De really first new Merced Benz Corvi long Euro 6 with 22 seats deliverd by AB-BC. This bus has a GVW from 5300 kg and had an extra length. So it has 22 seats and a driverseat. The bus has also a lot of extra space for luggage and all the other luxury you may expect like airco, doubleglassed, heathing etc. etc.

We wish Cor and his team a lot of safe kilometers with this nice bus.

Van Hool Altano T918 for Novum Travel in Poland
This beautifull bus has 68 luxury seats and a DAF Euro-5 engine. We wish Darius and his team a lot of pleasure with this beautifull vehicle.
MAN LION'S COACH for Zeebra Tours (NL - Bergen op Zoom)
Owner Joop Vreugdenhil already has a few MAN-vehicles in his fleet and he wants some more unity. So he bought this young and used MAN. We wish Joop and his team a lot of safe kilometers.

Van Hool T916 Atron to Poland
recently AB-BC delivered a bnew Van Hool to Uslugi Turystyczno in Przewozowe in Poland. This bus has all the convenience like 3 TFT screens, toilet, kitchen, two fridges, a lot of space for luggage and 1100 liters fueltanks. we wish Piotr and his tyeam a lot of safe kilometers.

Three buses for Germany

AB-BC has won a European tender for the delivery of three city buses for the public transport in Oschatz Germany. The offer AB-BC made, was the best of all the demands, which were made in the specificationsorder.

The vehicles are all Optare Solo, length 9,85 m and have all airconditioning, heather and thermophane and double glass. The buses have Cummins engines, Allison gearboxes and are equiped for 60 persons ( seats and standplaces). There is also a place for a wheelchair.

We wish the Omnibus-Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH Heideland a lot of safe and pleasant kilometers with these beautifull city buses.

Iveco First to Belgium
Leile Tours from Kuurne in Belgium is proud to present their new Iveco First, they nearly bought at AB-BC. The bus is for transport schoolkids, but also other transport is possible, because Leie Tours sold the bus with a lot of options as luxury seats, airco, luggage recks and a heather. We wish Leie Tours a lot of safety kilometers.

Nieuwe Iveco to Germany
AB-BC delivers a new Iveco First to Johannes Scholten from Scholten Omnibus in Xanten - Germany. In this First the passengers will not miss anything. There is a hughe flatscreen with dvd, a fridge, luxury seats, etc. Of course the bus has a clean Euro 5 EVV engine and a automatic gearbox. We wish Johannes and his team a lot of safety kilometers.


Mercedes Benz Sundancer for Helbig (D)
The AB-BC newsletters, which are sent every month, draws the attenion from Axel Helbig in Pöcking (Germany), especially because of a young used Mercedes Benz sundacer with a low mileage. This vehicle has 32 luxury seats, airconditioning, heather and a lot of another extras. we wish Axel and his team a lot of safe kilometers.

Volvo Berkhof for Boerhof Reizen
Boerhof Reizen in Meppel (NL) just bought a nice elevatorbus from AB-BC. This Volvo Berkhof has places for 12 wheelchairs or 58 persons. The vehicle has a clean Euro-5 engine and all the convenience as toilet, dvd-player and fridge. Because disabled people can't leave the bus very quick in case of fire, these bus has an installation to quench fire. We wish Gert and his team a lot of safe kilometers.

Young used VDL BOVA SYNERGY for Look Tours

This vehicle has 87 luxury seats and has all the comfort like a coffeemachine, dvd, toilet, airconditioning, heathing etc. etc. We wish Remco and his team a lot of pleasyure with their new accession

AB-BC delivers a brandnew Rosero First to BBA-Tours

Tis midibus has 29 luxury seats, a guide seat and of course a luxury driverseat. Besides that the vehicle has double glass, standheathing, a spacious fridge and of course a clean 5 EVV engine. We wish Annie and her team a lot of enjoyable and particularly safe kilometers.

AB-BC BV Delivers 3 elektrical inductioncharged buses to Qbuzz Utrecht

Since december 2013 thee are driving three electric buses in the citycentre of Utrecht (NL). These buses, Optare Solo SR, are delivered by AB-BC. These buses have a ten meters length and have airconditioning and electric heating. So they are fully electric and have no emission. Extraordinarily is the way how the batteries will be charged by inductioncharging. Every time when the buse is passing the Central Railwaystation in Utrecht, the buse stops over a so called chargingplate. In the moment the passengers goiing in and out the buse will be charged wireless. Herewith the buse get an endless action radius and can drive basically 24 hours a day, seven days a week without charging it at charging pole. AB-BC is convinced that this technic will put passengerlogistics in a new daylight and expects a lot of attention in own land and abrought.

Scania Higer for Iceland
For several years theree is already a cooperation between Anton Bals (AB-BC) and the family Jonasson from Iceland. Teitur Travel bought in the past year a few buses from Anton Bals. Now this firm bought a new Scania Higer Touring with all the luxus like leather seats, airconditioning, heathing, kitchen, toilet, dvd, etc. Of course the bus has a clean Euro-5 engine. We wish Haraldur and his team a loto of succes with their new purchase.

Merced Benz for Van Belleghem
Aardenburg - Miel van Belleghem from Atax is proud of his new accession: the Mercedes Benz Picardi. This bus has a cleam Euro 4 engine and has airco, dvd, fridge and luxury sleepchairs. We wish Meil and his team a lot of safety kilometers.

Scania PB delivered
Döblen - Frank Thieme is very happy with his nice young occassion Scania PB Euro 4. Frank ordered Anton Bals to look for a young used 12 meter bus with a clean euro 4 engine. Anton find the beautifull full option bus and delvered it. We wish Frank and his team a lot of safety kilometers.

Iveco for Gehringer Reisen
Job Gehringer from Gehringer Reisen in Ebensfeld ( Germany) received his new 12 meters Iveco Crossway at AB-BC. This new bus will be used for transport of schoolkids and daily tourism. The Iveco Crossway has airconditioning, heather, double glass and an automatic gearbox and a clean Euro 5 EVV engine. We wish Job and his team a lot of safety kilometers.

Rosero First for Schiks Reizen in Druten (NL)
Schiks Reizen in Druten - Netherlands bought a young used Rosero First at AB-BC. This bus has all luxus as airconditioning, tv und luxury seats. We wish Herald and his team as lot of safge kilometers.

AB-BC delivers schoolbus in Belgium

Demuynck en Vansteelandt nv Bellegem België transports schoolkids in order to de Lijn. Herefore they buy a brandnew 30-persons Rosero at AB-BC. These bus has a clean and economical Euro-5 EVV engine, has 30 passengerchairs with three-point seatbelts to get the children safe to school and back home. We wish Demuynck en Vansteelandt a ot of safe kilometers.

AB-BC delivers new Volvo Barbi to Austria
AB-BC delivered an new Volvo to Dietrich Touristik in Austria. This firm works in Austria and Germany. The Volvo Barbi has all the luxury like airconditioning, toilet, tv with dvd and a coffeemachine. Of course the Volvo has a clean and economical Euro-5 engine. We wish Klaus Dietrich and his team a lot of nice and especially safe kilometers.
AB-BC sells wheelchairbus to Finland
Also Jyri Mäkinen from the firm Palveluliikenne Dalpaus Oy in Finland finds his way to AB-BC. Jyri was looking for a fourty persons wheelchairbus and find it at AB-BC in Hoogerheide Netherlands. This Iveco Dayron has 40 seats, a wheelchairelevator and a economical and clean Euro-5 engine. We wish Yari a lot of fun and safe kilometers with this bus.

Sleeperbus is ready

In december 2012 Fernando Martinez bought a nice Scania PB at AB-BC.nl. Fernando let the bus be rebuilt in Cordoba (Spain)

Sleeperbus in Leon Spain has a number of Nighliners especially build for the entertaiment industry. Their clients are for example ACDC, Shakira, Guns and Roses, Iron Maden and other famous artists.

Now the bus is ready. Look here at the slide-show.

Van Hool T917 for Godefroid Belgium
Les Cars Godefroid SPRL from Ciney Belgium has bought a beautiful Van Hool T917. This bus has 62 luxury seats and all the comfort Godefroid will offer his clients. We wish Godefroid a lot of enjoyable kilometers.

AB-BC is certified by TÜV-Nord
AB-BW is recently certified by TÜV-Nord and with this we got a recognition for the way of our technical work.
With over 10,000 employees in more than 70 countries of Europe, Asia, America and Africa, the TÜV NORD GROUP is actively committed to its national and international customers. Its broad certification, service and testing/inspection portfolio encompasses both specific individual tests/inspections and also management of complex safety solutions.
Buscompany van Damme buys a 58-person Volvo Berkhof
Buscompany van Damme from Nieuwdorp in the Netherlands is now the proud owner of a 58-person Volvo-Berkhof with a wheelchair-elevator. This bus has a clean Euro-4 engine and a comfortable I-shoft automatic gearbox. This Volvo-Berkhof has also all luxury like tv, airconditioning, toilet, fridge etc. We wish Marco and his team a lot of safety kilometers.

New Irisbus Daily for Leipold Germany
A satisfied cutomer again for AB-BC. This time it's Swem Leipold from Veilsdorf Germany. The Leipold Company bought a new Irisibus Daily in luxury implementation. Ofcourse with the Euro 5 EVV 170 horsepower engine which is environmentally friendly. This Daily is build by Kapena and has all the comfort like thermopane, airconditioning, Webasto refrigerator and 19 luxury passenger seats.

We wish Swen and his crew a lot of safety kilometers with their new Irisibus Daily.

AB-BC.nl moves to a new and bigger business building
Just six months after starting in our current business building we going to move, because now the building is to small for all our activities. Our new adress is Middenweg 23-25, 4631ST in Hoogerheide. Thee we have a very spacious workhop and offices, so we can merge all our activities. After this winter the painters will give the building at the inn- and outside a new fresh colour. . The parking is still ready. We organside an open day when everything is ready.

AB-BC delivers Marcopolo Viaggio to Russia
Shortly there will leave a bus from Russia to Amsterdam every week. This bus is delivered by AB-BC.nl. New owner is IRMA Tours from Kralingrad. This firm is going to make trips to several European cities with this Marcopolo bus with a Euro4 engine. We wish IRMA Tours a lot of safety kilometers.

Ford Transit for Taxi Jobe
Taxi Jobe in Heerle (Netherlands) was looking for a bus with a larger capacity for the tranport of groups. Of

course AB-BC has such a bus available. It's a Ford Transit suitable fo 16 passengers. AB-BC wishes Taxi Jobe a lot of succes with their new purchase and hopes to see Taxi Jobe back as soon as possible when this Ford is to small again.

Taxi Jobe AB-BC
Ford Transit for Taxi Jobe
AB-BC delivered a magnificent Van Hool T917 to Excellent Tours from The Hague. The bus has all the comfort and has luxury seats. We wish Jack and his team a lot of save kilometers.
Excellent tours AB-BC
Litax Reizen buys a Marcopolo Viaggio
Litax Reizen in Reuver ( Netherlands) recently bought a Marcopolo Viaggio 10 meters. This Marcopolo has a 300 horsepower engine and a lot of comfort like a kitchen, toilet, dvd, air conditioning and luxury passenger seats.

We wish Koos and his team a lot of success with this purchase.

Brabantliner slips and is in tv-news

At one of the first winterdays with some frost a public transport bus, a so called Brabantliner, slips and ended in a ditch. During the weather forecast on RTL-television that evening they started with a picture from the bus.

At the moment of the program the employees on the car body repair of AB-BC.nl were working hard to get the bus on the road again as quick as possible.



Sleeperbus in Leon Spain has a number of Nighliners especially build for the entertaiment industry. Their clients are for example ACDC, Shakira, Guns and Roses, Iron Maden and other famous artists.

To keep their range of buses in good shape Fernando bought a young used Scania PB from AB-BC.nl. The bus will be rebuilt with 16 sleeping-places and 10 luxury seats. Fernando needs four months to rebuild the interior of the bus.

Curious for the results? Or to Fernando's buses?
Look at www.sleeperbus.com


IVECO midi bus for Present Cars

Present Cars de Korenbloem in Kruibeke Belgium recently bought a Marcopolo Senior. This 2-star Midibus will be used for the transport of small groups in Belgium and abroad.

This bus has 24 comfortable seats and a guide seat. It also has thermo paned glass, air co, heathing and a towbar for transport of extra luggage with a trailer.

The bus suffices to all the environmont demands and has a powerfull 180 horsepower euro-4 engine. AB-BC.nl wishes the brothers Present a lot of safe kilometers. ( Photo right)

Also read our newsarchiv

Kapena Daily for Murk Reisen
(photo bottom)

Murk Reisen in Hellental (Germany) recently bought a Kapena Daily at AB-BC. This midi bus will be used for the transport of school kids and is adapted for this with blink lights at the backside, when the passenger door is open, so the other traffic is attended to the stagnant bus and the children can go safely in and out the bus.The bus has 19 comfortable chairs  and eight footholds. The bus also has dubble glazing, airconditioning, heathing and a luggage rack. Of course the bus suffices to  the strandest environmental requirements and has a powerful 170 horsepower euro-5 engine. AB-BC wishes Michael Murk and his team a lot safe kilometres


Scoop again for AB-BC
(foto links)

Since 2010 AB-BC is an agent for Beulas touringcars. In that period AB-BC sells five Beulas buses on an Iveco chassis. Now the First Beulas on a Scania chassis is delivered.

This chassis has the benefit, that the Euro-5 standard will be reached without addition with Ad Blue. A lot of touringcar entrepreneurs see this as a advantage. This Scania Beulas is destined for Deltax in Delft – Netherlands, a faithful Beulasclient. Deltax exists already 50 years and is a well known company in Delft and environment.

The Scania Beulas has a 400 horsepower engine, three  shafts and 61 very luxury seats.  The bus is also accomodate with DVD, toilet, fridge, airco, heating, coffeebar etc. Owner Peter van der Salm is convinced, that his clients are as enthusiasm as he is himself.
AB-BC.nl wishes Deltax a lot of safety kilometres.

For a complete photo show: click here.


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