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AB-BC.nl is one of the biggest independent companies in sales of buses and touring cars. The supply comprises all valid types of buses and touringcars from 19 to 90 persons in several years and prices. AB-BC.nl has a strong changing supply. Therefore we advise to look on this website frequently.

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After arrivel every vehicle gets a technical control in our workshop. Due to this control we define the value and sales price. The whole test report will be delivered at the vehicle. So you exactly know what you buy. As we call it: Well known quality.

When you buy any vehicle at AB-BC.nl we can deliver it at your address if you want to. In case of export we also can take care of an export document and a transit license plate. Also shipping is not a problem for AB-BC.nl

We do business all over the world. So our sales team speaks English, German, French and of course Dutch. Please contact our sales-office

Anton Bals 
Tel. +31 (0)6 22 74 80 60 
E-mail info@ab-bc.nl


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