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Succes vier je samen!

De levering van een voertuig die u koopt bij AB-BC is een feestje, wij zorgen ervoor dat uw nieuwe bus glimmend op u staat te wachten, ons technisch team heeft het voertuig nagekeken zodat u veilig en zonder problemen naar huis kunt rijden, hoever dit ook is.

Omdat wij blij zijn met u, nemen we altijd een foto om deze bijzondere gelegenheid vast te leggen.

Bernard from Alldrive Belgium is a regular client from AB-BC BV, Bernard called Anton to ask him if he has 12 meter bus for school purposes, 3 hours later we delivered the bus in Belgium just before our Holidays.
Plakias Omnibus from Greece bought a very very nice VDL Berkhof from us, he was so happy that he directly bought another bus from us a black MAN Lions coach which he picks up after our holiday.
Stephan and Stefanie from Hamburg Germany have a dream converting a bus to a mobil home, they wanted a  bus big as possible with a maximum weight of 7.490 KG, and ofcourse they found this bus at AB-BC in Hoogerheide, they promised to send us pictures when the bus is ready.
Sokolov Turs Dooel from Macedonia needed a 30 seater Iveco, he contacted us and ask us to search for such a vehicle. We found one very nice Iveco Ferqui sunrider with 33 seats. Today we delivered this bus and at the delivery he asked us to search for a Mercedes sprinter 516, we are positive to find one for him.
Company Alenik from Serbia is taking another bus from AB-BC. Today a very nice Mercedes Tourismo, they where in a hurry because holiday is coming and they will enjoy there holiday which starts this Saturday hope to see you back after the holidays.
Albert Bielak from Poland found a very nice bus on the internet. Unfortunately he didn’t have time to pick up the bus himself so he send a truck to take the Mercedes Sprinter to Poland.
Our early bird Leon was already at 11:00 o'clock this morning in Hildesheim Germany to deliver a brand new Mercedes Sprinter to Omnibusbetrieb Ritter. Mister Ritter was very happy with our service and his new 23 seater Sprinter.
Filler trans from Hungary bought already 5 busses from AB-BC BV but we never met, today this changed mister Tibor picked up the bus himself. Hopefully we see each other again in the near future.
HEORHII VERSIUK van LUX TOURS Oekraïne is een fan van dubbeldekkers van het Merk van Hool. Hij heeft er al 3 en nu met de recente aankoop bij AB-BC BV 4. Een mooie euro 5 met lederen stoelen is het deze keer geworden veel succes er mee Heorhii.
Erreviaggi from Italy is very happy with his latest buy a very nice Scania  Higher euro 6, today he picked up his bus and gave us another order to find a another Scania Higher euro6 so if you have a 12 meter let us know we have the customer.
Elvedin van Merksteijn autosport kocht in januari een mooie bakwagen bij ons, een half jaar later belt Elvedin weer met Anton, met de vraag heb je er nog eentje, natuurlijk hebben we er nog een voor je Elvedin. Vandaag levert Joop de Iveco af en op de foto te zien hebben ze het goed naar hun zin.
Busy day today 3 deliveries, last one of today Auto progress from Athene Greece, they come to pick up there Sprinter 22 seats , we keep you posted with more deliveries.
Stephan Macko from Aachen Germany has started a bus company he had one bus a Setra from 1979 now its time for a other bus he bought a very nice Bova from 2006 of course at AB-BC BV
Last year Transogar from Rumania bought 6 busses at AB-BC BV , now they are back to pick up a very nice Setra, hopefully we see them back in the near future.
Kamil Goncerz from Polland bought last year a old Iveco for school transport, he was so happy with this bus that he came today for a Mercedes schoolbus we checked the bus for him and he is driving to Poland with it.

We're closed from 2 August until 20 August 2021

Our team is taking a break from the 2nd of August until the 20th of August 2021 to recharge.