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Succes vier je samen!

De levering van een voertuig die u koopt bij AB-BC is een feestje, wij zorgen ervoor dat uw nieuwe bus glimmend op u staat te wachten, ons technisch team heeft het voertuig nagekeken zodat u veilig en zonder problemen naar huis kunt rijden, hoever dit ook is.

Omdat wij blij zijn met u, nemen we altijd een foto om deze bijzondere gelegenheid vast te leggen.

SZABOLCS-INTERTRANS KFT from Hungary picked up there Scania Omniexpress today a very nice bus with lift and toilette with euro 5 engine, they have a trip of 1.700 kilometers to there company.
Tomasz from Merkus Poland is buying a lot of busses from us. First he bought 4 Mercedes Tourismo's today he picked up two very nice VAN HOOL Astron's. and 2022 just started curious where this cooperation ends this year.
Filler Trans from Hungary is very good client from us this time they bought a Iveco Marcopolo. They had a question can we deliver the bus at the airport of Eindhoven, no problem for us so here the picture of the delivery at the Eindhoven Airport.
First day of working in 2022 was a busy day especially for Elly she sold 4 busses not a quit day to start the new year. First bus she sold was to BWM Coaches from Venlo, a oldie but a very nice Bova.
And here is Niko for the second bus, on very cold day especially for somebody who lives in Greece
Lancetti Transport from Rumania bought 4 weeks ago a Mercedes Benz sprinter euro 6. Today they came back for another Sprinter euro 6. At the delivery we wished each other a happy Christmas.
In 2014 Novum Travel bought a van Hool Altano at AB-BC BV, today they came back and bought a Van Hool TD924 Double decker 12 meter, a very nice bus in very good condition.
Niko from Greece picked up a Bova from us last year. This year he bought 2 Mercedes Benz Integro's. yesterday evening he picked up the first one, next week the second one.
Cornel Haragos from Karmel Sion couldn't wait to pick up his first bought bus, already at 9:00 this morning he was present at AB-BC BV. Karmel Sion has trucks and now they will start also a bus company, no problem for this beautiful VDL Jonckheere.
It was dark and it was raining but that didn't matter the team form Viagens Prima Unipessoal LDA, they came from Portugal to pick up there 4th Volvo the bought from AB-BC BV.
Na-Jo Tours from Greece couldn't wait to pick there bus, before we know the came to us to pick up there MAN Lion's coach just before dark we could make the picture of the delivery.
Pouw vervoer geen onbekende voor AB-BC BC haalt weer een beauty op een Mercedes Sprinter city met een schone euro 6 motor benieuwd op welke lijn we deze bussen terug gaan zien.
2 weeks ago Tomasz bought 2 Tourismo’s from us we had 4 he is so happy with these busses they he called us ack for the other 2. Today we delivered the other 2 so 4 tourismo's for Merkus Poland.
Slavonija Bus from Croatia was already at 08:00 present at our office to pick up there newly bought Otokar Vectio. They had to wait till the Sun was up because we wanted to share this delivery with you.
Tomasz from the company Merkus Poland is very happy with this 2 new busses Mercedes Benz Tourismo euro 6, he has a trip of 1.400 km to drive them to Poland no problem for the 2 beauties.